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Bed Bugs Don’t Just Stay At Home – Bed Bugs Found At 911 Dispatch Center

Bed Bugs Are Everywhere... Even 911 Dispatch Centers.
Bed Bugs Are Everywhere… Even 911 Dispatch Centers.

People tend to think of bed bugs as being pests that are typically found in bedrooms. But we’re seeing more and more stories about people finding them in schools, in libraries, and even on public transit buses. Your NJ pest control experts came across a story about bed bugs infesting a 911 dispatch center in the Bronx, and even we were surprised at that one.

A Lengthy Infestation That Was Largely Ignored

Most people would assume that if bed bugs were found at a 911 dispatch center, the problem would be corrected right away. But that’s not what happened in the Bronx. In fact, employees reported that the problem went on for at least two weeks, but NYPD refused to do anything about it.

Bed bugs can multiply rapidly once they get established, so the call center’s lack of action only made the problem worse and more expensive to treat.

It didn’t take long for the bed bugs to spread. What started in a training room on the sixth floor quickly moved to other areas of the facility, including in the vendor and lobby areas. Steaming treatments did nothing but drive the bugs to other parts of the building.

It’s Time to Call NJ Pest Control

The best time to call NJ pest control professionals is before the problem gets out of hand. At Stern Environmental, we use the latest technology to deal with bed bugs fast. Contact us for help.

NYC Bed Bugs – A Reason for their Success

The New York Times had an article about the odious bed bugs in their health section. The article mentions that bed bugs do not spread disease. Perhaps this has become common knowledge. The article claims that most people who are bitten by bed bugs do not react. Since they don’t react it can actually be a problem for their family, friends and neighbors, especially neighbors that live in close by apartment units. Since they’re hard to spot they can become a major infestation in a residence where the bed bug human meal doesn’t get a skin reaction and thus doesn’t realize he has bed bugs. These unnoticed bed bugs have opportunities to climb aboard humans in the home and take a ride to work places, schools, haberdashery shops and all types of settings.

No knowledge of the critters means no NJ, NYC bed bugs exterminators showing up at the house. The article mentions how a Brooklyn family didn’t even know they had bed bugs living with them until a relative showed up who was attacked by the critters and had a reaction. Those people that don’t have reactions to bed bugs bites should be ashamed of themselves for contributing to the bed bugs infestation problems all over NYC! Just kidding!