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Why Are Bed Bugs Infestations So Frequent in New York City? Experts Propose Some Answers

Why Are Bed Bugs Infestations So Frequent in New York City? Experts Propose Some Answers
Why Are Bed Bugs Infestations So Frequent in New York City? Experts Propose Some Answers

Why do bed bugs seem to afflict NYC more than other regions of the country? Bed bugs are everywhere in the city, from plush condos and well-known businesses, to theaters and buses. Why does NYC appear at the epicenter of the bed bug invasion? New York City bed bug control experts have a few thoughts on the matter:

Reason 1: Ignorance

Because people, as a general rule, remain blissfully ignorant of the warning signs of a bed bug invasion until they’re literally crawling with them, bed bugs easily take up residence and spread. 

Reason 2: Wrongful Assumptions

Bed bugs are often assumed to be a plague on the poor. On the contrary, the bed bug invasion began with the wealthy and middle class, whose international work and leisure travels resulted in the spread of these pests. Only in recent years has the burdensome bug come to take a toll on the poorest in NYC, who cannot afford the costs of extermination, further perpetuating their spread.

Reason 3: Plausible Deniability

Because of the stigma of bed bugs, those with infestations suffer in silence, failing to alert neighbors, coworkers, and friends of the issue. Thus, these bloodsucking bugs advance steadily across the city, extending their reign of terror unchecked.

Don’t let the bed bugs march on. Stop the insanity with the help of our New York City bed bug control experts at Stern Environmental today.

NYC Bedbugs Are Getting Harder to Exterminate

NYC Bedbugs Are Getting Harder to Exterminate
NYC Bedbugs Are Getting Harder to Exterminate

Many people grew up with the saying, “don’t let the bed bugs bite” without even knowing that bed bugs are an actual threat. Then the species resurged in the 2000s and bed bugs have thrived thanks in part to growing pesticide resistance. As 68% of exterminators will tell you, bed bugs are the hardest-to-kill pest.

Chlorfenapyr and bifenthrin are two chemicals commonly for bed bug exterminators. Academic researchers recently proved that bed bug populations have learned to resist these treatments.

When sprayed with typical bed bug chemicals, many of the critters die. But up to 25% survive, enough to stage a comeback. For the apartment dweller, homeowner, or business, that means paying for treatment only to feel their bites days or weeks later.

NYC Bed Bug Extermination with Safe, Effective Methods

Even though bed bugs get harder to exterminate with chemicals, we don’t have to use harsher and harsher chemicals. At Stern Environmental, our NYC bed bug specialists have innovative ways to overcome their growing resistance to insecticide.

We use Cryonite bed bug treatment to rapidly freeze the bugs and their eggs. No evolutionary adaptation can defeat this approach. Cryonite physically freezes and kills them with carbon dioxide spray.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about superbug resistance after identifying bed bugs in your home or office. Contact Stern Environmental to get rid of these detestable pests with safe, non-toxic extermination by our NYC bed bug specialists.

Four Tips for Hotels to Control Bed Bugs Through Interior Design

Check out These Tips to Avoid Bed Bug Infestation
Check out These Tips to Avoid Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs have been showing up in more and more hotels in the NYC area. If you’re a hotel owner or manager, it’s important to take steps to prevent infestations. Otherwise, you could end up with unhappy guests and less business overall. Our NYC bed bug specialists can help you lower the risk of having these pests in your hotel. You can also use these interior design tips to discourage bed bugs.

• Choose luggage racks carefully. Bed bugs can easily get into hotel rooms when guests put their luggage onto beds or other furniture. Have a place for guests to put their luggage where it won’t be a bed bug risk. Offer a hard-surfaced area specifically designed for suitcases and bags, rather than a rack that is kept in the closet.

• Select the right furniture. Choose upholstered couches and chairs that have fixed cushions and backrests instead of ones with loose pillows. This helps cut down on bed bug hiding spots.

• Choose simple window treatments. Avoid curtains that have a lot of pleats where bed bugs can hide. Choose wooden or non-upholstered window treatments instead.

• Move pictures away from beds. Instead, hang them on walls that are adjacent to or across from beds. Nail holes serve as places for bed bugs to lay eggs.

If your business has a bed bug problem, contact Stern Environmental. Our NYC bed bug specialists can handle infestations promptly.