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The Mayo Clinic: Tips for Bee Sting Prevention and Sting Treatment

The Mayo Clinic: Tips for Bee Sting Prevention and Sting Treatment
The Mayo Clinic: Tips for Bee Sting Prevention and Sting Treatment

The warmer months are here, and that means the bees are out. Hopefully, your children are enjoying the nice weather, and you are too. Still, you need to know how to treat bee stings when they happen. You also should know how to prevent your family and loved ones from getting stung. The Mayo Clinic has some great information that you will find quite helpful. Keep in mind that if you’re in need of NJ & NYC pest control, we’re here to help.

Treating Bee Stings

For mild reactions to bee stings, remove the stinger immediately. You can use your fingernails or tweezers to do this. Wash the area and apply an ice pack or a cold compress.

For moderate reactions to bee stings, do all of the above, and also take Ibuprofen or another pain reliever. This will help manage pain and keep the swelling down. You may want to elevate the area or apply an ointment if it itches.

Preventing Bee Stings from Happening

Stay calm if you come across a bees’ nest in your yard. Walk away from it slowly. Also, wearing closed-toed shoes will protect you from getting stung on your feet. You should take care to remove anything from your yard that might attract bees.

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Summer Bee & Wasp Sting Treatment Tips

Honey Bees
Stinging Insects

It’s that time of year again to be careful around wasps and bees. These insects can give you a nasty sting, and if you just happen to be allergic either always keep some Benadryl antihistamine around to counteract any adverse reactions fast.

Safety First

If any of the symptoms after a bee or wasp sting include  trouble breathing, being faint or feeling dizzy, hives and/or a swollen tongue, call 911 immediately. Safety first is always the best medicine.

Basic Treatment

  • Remove the stinger — Use a tweezers or scrape it out with a fingernail
  • Ice it — Use ice to control swelling. Elevate arms or legs if they were stung.
  • Treat the sting — Take ibuprofen or acetaminophen if the sting is painful. Apply a baking soda paste or calamine lotion to the affected area. Take an antihistamine (Benadryl) for itching relief.
  • Keep it clean — It may take several days before the area returns to normal, so wash it regularly and keep it clean to avoid infection.

If the site does not heal, it becomes inflamed or you have any doubts about the persons health and well being, call 911 or go to your local hospital emergency room.

For more information on bee and wasp sting treatment, contact the  Stern Environmental Group. We have the latest on how to avoid these pests, and can answer all of your wasp and bee related questions.