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Man Killed by a Mass of Bees

Bees attacked and killed a man in Tivoli Texas. A person being killed by bee stings is a rare occurrence. However, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention records approximately 100 case each year. It typically takes about 1,200 stings to threaten the life of an adult, however people who are hypersensitive can die by only one or two stings.

Bees attack while protecting their hive. When bees are in search of food or swarming they typically don’t sting people. The man was attacked while mowing a lawn. Bees are able to feel vibrations from lawn mowers and believe a lawn mower is a threat to them according to Roy Parker, an entomologist. When a bee does sting a person it puts out pheromones that stimulates other bees to attack. Experts suggest that running away is the best strategy for people being attacked by bees.

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Bed Bugs Resource Web Page for Everyone

The pest control experts at Stern Environmental not only eliminate pests they often write about them. Stern Environmental has created a bed bugs/pest control web page that includes articles that comprehensively examine a variety of issues regarding bed bugs, such as who is responsible to pay for bed bugs pest control services, college dorms and bed bugs, the hospitality industry and bed bugs, has there really been a bed bugs invasion, bed bugs and real estate and other issues.

Douglas Stern, the Managing Partner of Stern Environmental has actually been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal regarding bed bugs and the web page includes a link to the insightful article. The web page even has a link to bed bugs pictures and also bed bugs bite marks. Not pretty but informative.

I know, some of you are wondering, well what about those pests known as wolverines? Well, we don’t have any insight about those critters but our web page does include astute articles about scarier critters such as rodents, rats and mice. For those of you who want information on bees and wasps, yes we have it on the web page. 

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Bee Hives, Your Home – Unusual Places

Do you have a large number of bees flying around your property but can’t find a hive? Perhaps you are looking in the wrong places. Pest control experts have found bee hives in pots, chimneys, trash cans, bird houses, attics and other locations that are not obvious.

Bees are great for pollinating, so if they are far enough away from human activity typically no action is required.

If  you happen to pass by a swarm or even just a few don’t make any sudden moves because that will make them angry.  Bee hives and ball room dancing simply don’t go together. Africanized honey bees have been known to attack humans that get within a hundred yards of them. 

If the bee hive is situated close to a doorway or perhaps a window don’t be surprised if they join you while your eating butterscotch pecan cookies on your sofa. Also, the bee hive could get accidentally bumped and turmoil might ensue. 

If they have made a nest in the walls, that can lead to damage and the honey will attract other insects as well as the pompous grizzly bears living in the sewer system (just a silly rumor).

A bee control professional can safely eliminate the bee hive.