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Bed Bugs and Venues You’ll Find Them In

Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs

Many pests affect our daily lives and bed bugs are at the top of the list as a major nuisance. These tiny insects have a healthy appetite and humans are a favorite target as a food source.

What are bed bugs and how do I get rid of them is a question being asked and one that the Stern Environmental Group can answer.

About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are difficult to get rid. Do-it-yourself pest control most likely won’t get to the root problem creating an infestation.

They may be tiny, but they can be seen. Bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed. They are attracted, not to smell or color, but to carbon dioxide. Humans expel carbon dioxide morning, noon and night and the bed bugs are there to take advantage of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The bugs can be found most anywhere in the home where there is clutter to hide in, dust ruffles around your bed or sofa, and in-between your mattress and box springs.

Vacuuming, dusting, and keeping areas clean has no effect on bed bugs. The main attraction is the carbon dioxide and this is wherever humans congregate.

Bed Bug Hiding Spots

  • Movie theaters
  • Retail stores
  • Libraries
  • Planes, buses and trains
  • Churches, schools and offices
  • Nursing homes
  • Yard sale items

For residential or commercial service, let Stern get rid of your bed bugs today.

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

Bed bugs are nocturnal invaders, doing their feeding when it is dark and quiet, and they stay hidden within bedding, furniture, cracks and crevices during the day. Being very small, there is a good chance they could go unnoticed, if not for telltale signs such as rust-like stains and bug debris on bedding or bed bug bites on your skin.

Identifying the Bite

It’s not always easy to identify bed bug bites because they are similar to mosquito or flea bites. Additionally, the stealthy nuisance injects an anesthetic so you don’t even feel the attack. Bites appear in groups or clusters as small inflamed welts that are red and itch for several days. The irritation is caused by a salivary protein injected when bitten. People exposed to bites over a period of time might experience symptoms of nervousness and sleeplessness.

Bed Bug Control

The bites might not have come from bed bugs on your property. Instead, they could have been at a hotel or public area recently visited. They are prolific hitchhikers, so it’s likely that if you’ve come into contact with them, they have come into contact with your bag, suitcase or clothing. Don’t let a potential problem become an infestation. If you have reason to believe your property might have been exposed to bed bugs, call the professionals at Stern Environmental Group for fast, non-toxic bed bug control.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Causes Problems for NYC Co-Ops

Heat treatments are frequently touted as an effective way to get rid of bed bugs, but they often fail to live up to the hype, as events at a Manhattan co-op so painfully illustrate. When a resident of a 22-unit NYC co-op discovered bed bugs, he arranged to have his unit heat treated. Afterwards, he reported his apartment to be bed bug-free. But the heat treatment hadn’t actually annihilated the bed bug infestation, it had just forced the insects to scurry next door or, in this case, upstairs into the apartment directly above his

As an exterminator told the upstairs neighbor who inherited the bed bug infestation, heat treatments aren’t usually effective at exterminating bed bugs in apartments or co-ops. “It rarely gets hot enough to kill them and they just travel up through the walls to another location.” Instead of ending the misery, ineffective or inexpertly applied bed bug treatments simply spread the misery. (Click to read Tom Soter’s first-person account of his co-op bed bug woes on Habitat.com.)

Bed bugs are good at hiding and when motivated they can move pretty fast. That’s why it’s so difficult to kill these pests in multi-unit buildings. Moving through air ducts, wall voids, electrical and plumbing conduits, bed bugs simply relocate to avoid heat or pesticides. Cryonite offers another option; one that exterminates bed bugs without spreading infestations. Cryonite is the perfect solution for NYC co-ops. Get the details on our website.