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Deadly Kissing Bug May Head to NJ and NY

Keep Your Home Safe From The Kissing Bug
Keep Your Home Safe From The Kissing Bug

You’d think an insect known as the kissing bug would be the kind you wouldn’t mind having around. Not so. This bloodsucking insect typically bites individuals on the lips or face area transmitting a tiny parasite which is a carrier for Chagas disease.

Tips to Help Prevent a Kissing Bug Infestation

These tiny bugs mainly come out at night making it more difficult to see where they’re entering the property. They are opportunists when it comes to finding ways inside. Once they’ve set up house, it is a challenge to get rid of the potentially dangerous bugs.

  • Inspect your property and caulk any cracks, crevices, or holes where the bugs can enter. This can be around windows, doors, or spaces where cabling or satellite wires enter the property.
  • Check for tears in screens.
  • If your attic vent does not have a screen, have one installed to prevent entry.
  • Have any tree limbs touching the property cut back.
  • Leaf and firewood piles are good places for the bugs to live. When you bring firewood into your home, the bugs come along for the ride.

Our NJ commercial pest control technicians have a list of services to offer to rid your property of unwanted pests.

With NJ commercial pest control specialists from Stern Environmental Group on the scene, kissing bugs don’t stand a chance. Call us today to schedule an appointment and let’s kiss these bugs good-bye.