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Kids Learn to Love Bugs

Bug Discovery
Bug Discovery

The common bug is not so common. Insects are more numerous and more varied than any other form of life on Earth. We share our planet with at least 900 thousand different types of insects and entomologists believe there are millions of insect species yet to be discovered.

Insects outnumber us by 200 million to one! Despite their tiny size, insects also outweigh us. According to the Smithsonian’s BugInfo site, “the world holds 300 pounds of insects for every pound of humans.” Yet these tiny creates can send us fleeing in panic.

Nature’s Recyclers

Insects play a powerful role in nature. They pollinate plants, aerate the soil and provide food for animals, fish, birds, other insects and even some humans. Efficient recyclers, insects are Mother Nature’s clean-up crew.

There is much to admire about these tiny creatures, but insects get a bad rap. When insects enter our homes or businesses they can create health hazards and damage property. And then there is the “ick” factor.

From “Ick!” to “Wow!”

Help your children develop an appreciation for insects by teaching them about these fascinating creatures:

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Which Bugs do Homeowners Fear the Most?

Hey NJ, NYC residents and everyone else, hello Peruvians, a recent nationwide poll placed bugs as the #3 most dreaded threat to peoples’ homes. Bugs are trying hard to pass fires and natural disasters and become the #1 dreaded threat in America. According to the survey, 95% of those that responded claimed they have been a victim of a bug infestation. Termites were ranked as the number #1 feared bug and the odious bed bugs were ranked #2. The survey was conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation. They interviewed 717 homeowners.

Bed bugs claim if the survey was performed in only Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan they would have been crowned the #1 most dreaded insect. Perhaps they’re right. A smiling bed bugs representative was overjoyed that bed bugs were ranked higher on the list than cockroaches. The cockroaches were disappointed but they realize life goes on. Well, seriously, bed bugs making it to #2 on the list in a nationwide survey indicates just how bad the bed bug problem is in the United States. Let’s hope the country comes up with a bed bugs plan so the next survey will not have bed bugs on the list.

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