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Interesting Facts About the German Cockroach

Interesting Facts About the German Cockroach
Interesting Facts About the German Cockroach

When you see a 1/2-inch to a 5/8-inch medium brown bug with two distinctive dark strips running down the back of its head, most likely you are looking at a German cockroach.

Cockroach Facts

You aren’t alone in your sightings as this bug is the most common of the cockroach species found in hotels, restaurants, apartments, houses, and similar buildings.

Several factors contribute to its continued success as a household pest:

– To start with, the female carries a larger number of eggs, which can range from 30-50 per egg capsule.

Cockroaches also have the shortest time span to develop from the moment they hatch until they become sexually active. This means that there is a faster turn around and a higher potential for population growth.

– Because female cockroaches carry the capsule throughout the development of the embryos, the baby cockroaches are not subjected to many of the hazards that other types of nymphs face that are not kept in egg capsules for the duration of their development.

– Baby German cockroaches are small compared to other cockroach species, which allows them better opportunities to hide and survive.

These factors contribute to a fast reproductive cycle adding to the cockroaches already established worldwide population.

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Five Weird Yet Interesting Facts About Cockroaches

Five Weird Yet Interesting Facts About Cockroaches
Five Weird Yet Interesting Facts About Cockroaches

Cockroaches. These ancient pests obviously know how to adapt to their environment since they’ve been around for an estimated 280 million years and continue to be a challenge for commercial pest control services in NYC. With that in mind, here are a few facts about these durable pests.

Cockroach Facts

1. Cockroaches know how to party as they are attracted to beer and alcoholic beverages. Most likely, the sugar and hops tantalize their taste buds.

2. Cockroaches are tough to eliminate for three reasons; they have the ability to be submerged for at least 30 minutes and survive, have a 40-minute time-frame for holding their breath, and survive being headless for at least a week.

3. Three common cockroach species out of over 4,000 inhabiting the planet include the German, American, and brown banded.

4. While not providing food sources for cockroaches may seem like the fastest way to eliminate the pests, that is not the case. A cockroach can survive for at least a month without eating. On the flip side, they cannot survive more than a week without being hydrated.

5. Cockroaches in the U.S. average between 1/2-inch to 2-inches, while South America has the largest roach in the world, which has a 6-inch body and a wingspan that spreads to one-foot wide.

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Is Your Cockroach an Extrovert of an Introvert?

Cockroach Problems
An Introverted Cockroach?

A group of researchers at Université Libre de Bruxelles have discovered that cockroaches actually have personalities and their own individual character traits. While this may not prompt you to keep them as pets, scientists believe it can help reveal what is behind their powerful survival instinct.

The research group conducted a study to observe how cockroaches act when they are out in the open. Several subject roaches were released into a brightly-lit arena featuring two round shaded “shelters”. The conditions played into cockroaches’ aversion to light as well as their tendency to seek protection in numbers.

As explained by lead researcher Isaac Planas, the goal of the experiment was to study behavior and decision-making in a group setting. It was expected that all the cockroaches would quickly gather beneath the shelters, but in reality the time it took varied from group to group.

Some of the cockroaches were more adventurous, tending to spend more time exploring the surroundings, while others were more shy. While one roach’s behavior may have influenced others, each had its own ability to decide, setting cockroaches apart from other insects like ants and termites who maintain a social hierarchy.

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Cockroaches – More Than You Wanted to Know

The Trouble With Cockroaches
The Trouble With Cockroaches

Cockroaches are known for surviving everything, which is why business owners need professional help exterminating them. Consider the long, strange history of roaches:

  • Cockroaches have existed since about 80 million years before the first dinosaurs!
  • Some cultures used to consider cockroaches good luck. People even brought roaches into new homes as housewarming gifts.
  • In some places, people eat cockroaches with oil and garlic as a digestive aid.

Cockroaches are hardy:

Here’s why cockroach problems turn into infestations overnight:

  • Some cockroaches can lay over 2 million babies in a year.
  • Many species reproduce less — but still about 10,000 babies per mother.
  • Female roaches can get pregnant once, and stay pregnant for the rest of their lives!

Cockroaches are hard to eliminate:

Roach killer products found in stores tend to bring mediocre results at best, followed by a complete return of the infestation. Here’s why professional cockroach exterminators are needed:

  • You can’t starve them: cockroaches live weeks without water and a month without food.
  • You can’t swat them: cockroaches can grow back legs. Some live for weeks with their head cut off!
  • You can’t simply poison them: some roaches won’t take bait, others will survive certain chemicals. Often, pesticide and sterilization chemicals get the best results.

Cockroaches have a reputation for difficult, disgusting infestations. Keep your company’s reputation intact and contact the roach control experts at Stern for fast, safe extermination.