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How Do Cockroaches Get Into Your Home?

Contrary to popular belief, cockroach infestation does not only occur in places that are unclean, although cockroaches do feel more at home in messy environments. They can live and breed in the cleanest of places because they can survive with very limited means. These hardy creatures only need a little food, water, and warmth to survive, and they can find these in just about any home.

There are a number of ways that cockroaches can get into your home. They can get into your grocery bag or briefcase when you are shopping or at work, and you may bring them home without knowing it. Cockroaches can also enter your home through pipes, small gaps around windows and doors, and other openings. They can pass through holes that are as narrow as one-fifteenth of an inch.

Once they are in your home, they will find a place that is warm and dark to hide and breed, usually behind cupboards, holes or cracks in walls, under the sink, and other places. They can multiply at a tremendous rate, with one female cockroach being able to produce hundreds of offspring in just one month.

To eliminate cockroach infestation in your home, you can call NY, NYC, and NJ pest control experts.

New New York City Restaurant Regulations Can’t Come Soon Enough Part II Of II

Continuing from the post on Thursday…

A similar grading system will be coming to New York as well.  Sadly, everyone must wait until July of 2010 for the system to begin.  The grading system is sure to keep restaurants on their toes as Health Inspectors are intending on visiting those with lower scores more often than they are currently visiting them.  If the public only frequents “A” restaurants; than all restaurants will strive to earn that “A” grade to keep the profits rolling in.

The NYC restaurant operators’ trade group is not so happy about the upcoming grading laws.  Last year in New York City, $26.8 million dollars in fines were paid by restaurants.  In total, 9,301 restaurants failed their inspection and 1,057 where closed down after their inspection.  Those numbers alone speak volumes that the new regulations should go full steam ahead!

In New York City, officials intend to issue the letter grades right on the spot after the inspection is completed.  Additionally, inspectors will be rotated so no accusation of impropriety can be made.  One health inspector recently reported that he is seeing more dead rats than live rats at restaurants in New York City.  That is a step in the right direction…well sort of, live or dead, they both carry the same fines and “yuck” factor.

If you have rats, call the rat expert to get rid of your vermin problem.

Don’t Move Out When Roaches Invade! Cryonite to the Rescue!

Comedian Mark Malkoff moved into the Elizabeth, New Jersey IKEA store on Monday while his New York City apartment is being fumigated for cockroaches. If he’d just called Stern, he’d never have had to leave home.

Known for his 2007 video 171 Starbucks, the 31-year-old filmmaker dragged along a camera crew to document his week-long stay at the world’s most famous do-it-yourself furniture store. (Watch the video on www.marklivesinikea.com.) While he’s been impressed with the spaciousness of his new IKEA bedroom suite (twice the size of his Queens apartment), he’s already run into a few snags: The sinks don’t work and the toilet is just a prop, as are the refrigerator, TV, washer and dryer. He’s showering in the staff locker room, cooking his meals in the staff cafeteria, and spending his days chatting up the customers. Of course, if his landlord had used Stern’s new Cryonite extermination system, Malkoff could have stayed home.

Cryonite is the green solution to effective pest control. Chemical-free and non-toxic it’s an environmentally friendly way to kill bugs that has proven particularly effective against nasty German cockroaches and pesticide-resistant bed bugs. The Cryonite system works by creating a penetrating carbon dioxide snow that vaporizes to penetrate cracks and crevices, under floorboards, behind baseboards, the undersides of furniture, behind appliances, inside bedding and box springs, and other hard-to-reach places where roaches and bed bugs hide and multiply. It freezes the bugs before they can scurry away and kills them — and unlike many pesticides, Cryonite is effective on bugs in all stages of development, including eggs.

Cryonite application produces no pesticide smells, messy wet residues or health implications. The CO2 used is food grade quality which presents no contamination risk. Click the post title for more information on Cryonite, the green solution to your pest problems.

Cryonite = Kryptonite for Bugs!

Cryonite is the newest, most innovative, non-toxic pest control system on the market. It’s the kryptonite of the pest world, felling even super bugs that are resistant to ordinary pesticides. Stern Environmental Group is proud to be one of the first pest control companies to bring this revolutionary pest control system to America. Used extensively in Europe and Australia, Cryonite uses rapid freezing to kill pesticide-resistant bed bugs and most other insects.

Unlike many traditional pesticides, Cryonite kills bugs in every stage of development. Bugs can’t hide from the pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) “vapor” that seeps into cracks and crawl spaces to knock bugs dead instantly. Cryonite has proved to be extremely effective in killing pesticide-resistant super bed bugs and tough-to-treat German cockroaches and their egg cases. Cryonite works by applying thin layers of pressurized CO2 “snow.” As the CO2 hits surfaces, it vaporizes, causing extreme instant cooling of any organism with which the gas comes in contact. In effect, it freezes the cells of insects, crystallizing the water in their cells on contact. The insect is instantly immobilized and it takes only moments for death to occur. Bugs cannot scurry away and escape Cryonite. For full details, click the post title.

Cryonite the New Way to Kill Bed Bugs

There’s a new way to kill bed bugs – freezing them, and we have it! It’s called Cyronite.

The Cryonite machine blows carbon dioxide snow into all the places that bed bugs hide and freezes the water in their cells killing all stages of bed bugs instantly. Cryonite can be used to effectively treat many pest not just bed bugs.

We particularly like Cryonite for hotel and motel bed bug treatments and the reason is that a room can be rented out the same day after a cryonite treatment. Previously when a room had been treated for bed bugs the hotel may have had to have taken it out of the pool of available rooms for 7 to 14 days. Now rooms can be returned to renting immediately after treatment.

Cryonite can be used in residential bed bug treatment programs too. Here we recommend that the sensitive areas be treated with Cryonite – your bedding, but all other areas be treated with insecticide.

If you are looking for a green or non-toxic solution for bed bug control Cryonite it the answer. Not only is the Cryonite snow non-toxic, but the carbon dioxide gas used has been recycled from industrial processes and so adds no additional carbon dioxide to the environment.

Cryonite is the perfect solution for rapid hotel and motel bed bug treatment, residential bed bug treatment for bedding areas, and a green and non-toxic solution for bed bugs. To find out more about this European treatment that is new to the United States, click our blog post title to visit our website.