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Tips to Help College Students Become Bed Bug Aware

Tips to Help College Students Become Bed Bug Aware
Tips to Help College Students Become Bed Bug Aware

Bug Beware

Do you know any blood-sucking pests? How can you oust them out of your life? We are talking bed bugs of course! Our Stern Environmental team of NJ Pest Control experts keeps the bugs out of your life and your focus on point! We help you experience life bug-free so you can catch some quality zzz’s.

Taking Notes

Whip out your notebook and make some observations. Below is a quick checklist of what you’ll find when bedbugs are invading your dorm:

1. Look in every nook and cranny. In other words, scan seams and welts for signs of bugs. You may find fecal or blood stains in various areas.

2. Check outlets behind furniture and along plaster cracks. Small pea sized pearl-like egg deposits will hide here.

3. Watch out for the baseboards. Old bug skeletons lurk there!

Stop the Madness

Before you call in sick for a class to toss out your bed, here are some simpler ways to address a bed bug problem:

1. Toss clothing and linens straight from your bag into the wash.

2. Give yourself and your clothes a good rinse in extremely hot water.

3. If you have unwashable items, get them to a heated temp of 120 degrees for 2 hours in a sealed bag.

Our Stern Environmental NJ Pest Control will finish the job! Contact us today, so you can finally get some worry-free sleep!

Colleges and Bed Bugs: Not a Fun Part of Education

Bed Bugs At Colleges
Bed Bugs At Colleges

Parents of college students have more than just grades and partying to worry about! Unfortunately, the dorm environment is a perfect storm for bed bug infestations.

Even the finest universities face bed bug problems:

  • Like hotels, dorm rooms are filled with people and fabric.
  • Students come from all over the country and globe, increasing the odds of exposure.
  • Cramped spaces and dorm room socializing make it even more likely to spread bed bugs.

Make sure you and your kid know how to spot dorm bed bugs:

  • Look for bugs (dead or alive) as well as blood or fecal stains.
  • Check baseboards and under beds for exoskeletons or molting.
  • Check mattress seams for holes and signs of bed bug activity. Don’t assume plastic-coated mattresses are safe.

If a bed bug scare hits your child’s university, be prepared to protect your home:

  • Have your student change clothes upon arrival at home.
  • Unpack clothes directly into the washing machine. Wash and dry on hottest settings.
  • Items that can’t be machine-washed should be sealed in bags and frozen for 2 weeks, or heated to 120 degrees for 2 hours.
  • Still see signs? Call Stern Environmental immediately for pest control.

Talk to the school about their bed bug protocol so you can all be safely prepared. And have your own plan to contact Stern Environmental if your child brings home bed bugs!