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Why is Cryonite So Deadly to Bed Bugs and Other Pests?

Why is Cryonite So Deadly to Bed Bugs and Other Pests?
Why is Cryonite So Deadly to Bed Bugs and Other Pests?

As insecticide-resistant pests become increasingly more common, NJ pest control experts remain on the lookout for new pest control treatment systems. Safe and nontoxic, Cryonite is among the most effective on the market.

How Does Cryonite Work?

Used extensively in Europe and Australia, Cryonite eliminates hard to kill pests such as bed bugs and German cockroaches in all life stages, including eggs, by freezing them to death on contact. Applied with a Cryonite machine, a spray of liquid CO2 (carbon dioxide) creates cold, dry ice, crystalizing pests and stopping them in their tracks.

Say Goodbye to Messy Chemical Sprays

Nontoxic and nonpoisonous, Cryonite leaves behind no wet or sticky residues. At normal temperatures, it simply evaporates. Recycled from industrial processes, it’s a green treatment solution.

Pesticide Resistant Pests Don’t Stand a Chance

Cryonite is an effective treatment for even the most challenging insect infestations, penetrating deep within cracks, crevices, and furnishings where insects hide. Because Cryonite is chemical-free, there’s no risk of pests developing a resistance to pest control measures.

Sensitive Individuals and Workspaces Are Safe from Chemicals

Even for the most sensitive individuals and environments, CO2 presents no risk of contamination or adverse health effects.

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Considerations Before Hiring a Commercial Pest Control Company for Your Property

Considerations Before Hiring a Commercial Pest Control Company for Your Property
Considerations Before Hiring a Commercial Pest Control Company for Your Property

Ongoing pest issues? When it comes to providing a safe, healthy environment, you don’t want to stick your head in the sand. Employees, tenants, and customers are depending on you to get the help of a trusted NJ commercial pest control service before problems get out of hand.

Tips for Choosing NJ Commercial Pest Control

To ensure pest problems are efficiently eradicated, choose your pest control services provider wisely:

1. Hire only licensed, certified professionals, requiring ID before allowing access to your premises.

2. Don’t use a company that’s not bonded or insured. This ensures the company can be held liable for any potential damages to your commercial property.

3. Get references from family, friends, and associates, as well as the Better Business Bureau. 

4. Look for a company with a lasting reputation who will be there to back up service claims over fly-by-night companies. The lowest price isn’t always the best deal. 

5. Technicians should be cleanly uniformed in clearly-marked vehicles with carefully labeled and contained pest treatment products.

6. Ask questions, making sure your chosen technician is knowledgeable about your pest control issues. An honest, “I don’t know,” is preferable to a made-up answer. 

7. Clarify treatment procedures and costs in advance, including the need for continued treatment.

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Retailers Need to Be Proactive to Combat Bed Bugs on Clothing Racks

Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs At Clothing Stores

Bed bugs go anywhere that people go. These parasites travel long distances without much effort because they are adept at hitching a ride on humans and human belongings. Public buildings and businesses all need commercial pest control services to eliminate bed bugs and minimize the risk of future infestations.

Bed Bug prevention is critical for retail stores

Retail stores are at high risk for infestations. Bed bugs have only one method of movement without assistance from humans and that is to slowly crawl. Because people take their time when shopping for clothes, bed bugs have more time to move from clothes, purses, and coats to chairs and other items in the store. Bed bugs can also enter stores via returned merchandise. Upholstered chairs are intended to make shopping more enjoyable for people, but they also make it easier for bed bug populations to spread.

Reducing the risk of bed bug infestations

Returned clothing items should be stored in plastic bags until returned to suppliers. Managers must be vigilant about eliminating clutter and piles of clothing around dressing rooms. All retail stores need to provide training for employees on identifying bed bugs and how to properly respond to infestations. Managers and supervisors must respond promptly to any bed bug reports by employees or customers.

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Four Tips for Hotels to Control Bed Bugs Through Interior Design

Check out These Tips to Avoid Bed Bug Infestation
Check out These Tips to Avoid Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs have been showing up in more and more hotels in the NYC area. If you’re a hotel owner or manager, it’s important to take steps to prevent infestations. Otherwise, you could end up with unhappy guests and less business overall. Our NYC bed bug specialists can help you lower the risk of having these pests in your hotel. You can also use these interior design tips to discourage bed bugs.

• Choose luggage racks carefully. Bed bugs can easily get into hotel rooms when guests put their luggage onto beds or other furniture. Have a place for guests to put their luggage where it won’t be a bed bug risk. Offer a hard-surfaced area specifically designed for suitcases and bags, rather than a rack that is kept in the closet.

• Select the right furniture. Choose upholstered couches and chairs that have fixed cushions and backrests instead of ones with loose pillows. This helps cut down on bed bug hiding spots.

• Choose simple window treatments. Avoid curtains that have a lot of pleats where bed bugs can hide. Choose wooden or non-upholstered window treatments instead.

• Move pictures away from beds. Instead, hang them on walls that are adjacent to or across from beds. Nail holes serve as places for bed bugs to lay eggs.

If your business has a bed bug problem, contact Stern Environmental. Our NYC bed bug specialists can handle infestations promptly.

Infested Customer Shuts Down Trenton, NJ Welfare Waiting Room

Bed Bug Infestations
Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs and fleas can turn any home or business into a complete nightmare. It doesn’t take long for a few bed bugs to turn into an infestation, and that’s exactly what happened recently in a welfare waiting room in Trenton, New Jersey. A client came into the office carrying bedbugs and forced the shut down and treatment of the waiting room.

Although the issue was contained rather quickly, the office did have close its doors for concern of public health. Unfortunately this is not an isolated event. Individuals carrying bedbugs can easily spread these pests from one location to another in a very short span of time. If customers were to visit an infested business and bring these critters home, it’s only a matter of time before a few bugs multiply into hundreds.

If you’re seeking bed bug pest control for your home or business, contact Stern Environmental Group today to receive expert assistance. If you’re battling bed bugs, Stern Environmental can eradicate these pests using Cryonite®, a non-poisonous treatment consisting of liquid C02. Successfully used for years in Australia and Europe, this bed bug extermination approach has proven to be extremely effective.

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