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What Damage Does a Drugstore Beetle Do?

What Damage Does a Drugstore Beetle Do?
What Damage Does a Drugstore Beetle Do?

There’s nothing worse than finding out that food you’ve stored has become infested by pests. This frequently happens in homes, but can you imagine the massive amount of loss that occurs when it happens in commercial facilities that package food for sale? Pests like the drugstore beetle certainly do keep commercial pest control specialists on their toes.

Damage from Drugstore Beetles

Drugstore beetles tend to target post-harvest and stored seeds and grains. They’ve also been discovered in both plant- and animal-derived products, as well as in packaged foods. It’s actually said that drugstore beetles will feed on anything except cast iron. They’re truly not picky about their meals, and they get their name from their tendency to feed on prescription drugs. Other favorite foods include:

• Sweets

• Spices

• Breads

• Cookies

• Various types of flours

• Chocolate

These pests have even been known to bore through wood, wool, aluminum foil, and other materials.

Preventing Drugstore Beetle Re-infestations

Once an infestation has been eradicated, great care should be taken to clean up any spills of food items that might attract them back again. For example, food products should be tightly sealed in containers. However, the best way to prevent a re-infestation is to ensure that the source of the problem has been found and dealt with. This is where commercial pest control comes in.

At Stern, if you have drugstore beetles, we can help you. Contact us right away.

Keeping Pests Out of Your Workplace – What Everyone Should Know

Keep Pests Out
Keep Pests Out

You have a business and everything is running just fine until you realize you have four and six-legged pests in the workplace. While it’s important to eradicate crawling, burrowing, or flying pests in their tracks, it’s equally important for you to keep employees safe from the germs and disease carried by these unwanted intruders.

Many types of pests find their way into office buildings for a variety of reasons. They’re usually on the hunt for available food, water, nesting area, or shelter from inclement weather.

The list is long of the types of pests you may find lodging in your office building. A few of the better known problematic pests include cockroaches, ants, spiders, fruit flies, and fungus gnats that generate from plants that have been watered to excess.

The four-legged furry pests no one wants to see roving the corridors are rats and mice. These pests are adept at squeezing into and under the smallest hole in search of food which can consist of fabric, plastic and paper.

If the building has any open area around the eaves, squirrels will make their way inside to set up housekeeping for a new batch of babies.

There’s plenty to do to contain, remove, and secure buildings with the services of the professionals at Stern Environmental Group.

If your business is being invaded by pests, call the experts. Our experienced technicians know how to eliminate pests efficiently and fast.

Time to Protect Your Property from Stink Bug Invasion Is Now

The annual invasion of the brown marmorated stink bug invasion is about to begin and smart New York City and New Jersey commercial building owners have already started scheduling commercial pest control appointments with Stern Environmental. The time to protect your building from stink bug invasion is now before chilly nights force these smelly insects to seek a warm place to spend the winter. Treating exterior building surfaces can help prevent the kind of horrible invasion that occurred when an estimated 100,000 stink bugs took up residence in a Virginia farm shed. (Click here to see the Washington Examiner video.)

An Asian transplant, brown marmorated stink bugs are prevalent in 40 states including New York and New Jersey and do more than $21 billion damage to U.S. crops each year. Pest control should be scheduled before stink bugs begin invading buildings, typically between mid-September and mid-October. Stink bugs seem to be particularly attracted to sunny, light-colored surfaces. In early fall, great numbers of these insects may be seen blanketing sunny exterior building walls. Their goal is to slip inside where they will overwinter in attics and in voids inside walls, behind trim and cabinets and under flooring.

The warm winter has produced a bumper crop of these pests. Don’t wait until these pests start invading. Contact Stern Environmental today to schedule commercial pest control services.

Cryonite Is Revolutionary New Solution to Commercial Cockroach Control

A single cockroach can close a restaurant, have health inspectors combing your commercial establishment for code violations, send tenants complaining to the housing authority or worse. And every business owner knows there is no such thing as one cockroach. Cockroach infestations in the greater New York City and northern New Jersey area have been known to destroy professional reputations and send customers fleeing.

German cockroaches are a persistent problem in densely-populated metropolitan areas. Difficult to eradicate, they breed quickly and can easily migrate into your clean facility from neighboring establishments and curbside garbage piles. Keeping cockroaches under control is a never-ending battle for restaurants, day care centers, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, warehouse facilities and commercial enterprises.

Contracting for regular commercial pest management services with a licensed pest control company can keep cockroaches at bay and your professional reputation intact; however, it pays to investigate cockroach extermination options before choosing a pest control professional. Professional-grade pesticide sprays and baits are the most common form of commercial cockroach control offered in the New York City and northern New Jersey area; however, these methods of cockroach control may not be ideal for sensitive environments such as hospitals, nursing homes, daycare centers or pet stores that serve children, ailing seniors or pets.

Cryonite offers a revolutionary, completely non-toxic and extremely effective alternative to traditional roach control methods. Get the details on our website.

Carpenter Ant Swarms Can Threaten Commercial Structures

Like termites, New York City and New Jersey carpenter ants swarm in the late spring to expand their colonies. When carpenter ant colonies reach maturity, specialized winged reproductives are produced. Flying off in mating pairs, carpenter ants bite off their wings when they land and crawl off to establish new colonies. Carpenter ants are such poor fliers, reproductives don’t go far, often landing on the same commercial property. Multiple carpenter ant colonies may be located in close proximity, multiplying the amount of damage these wood-destroying insects can do to commercial structures.

Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not ingest wood, they hollow out large galleries in foundation timbers, building trim and wooden structures to house their massive nests and nurseries. Frass, the sawdust-like by-product of their excavation activity, is sometimes found where carpenter ants are active. More often the ants themselves are spotted as they forage for food.

The largest ant species in New York and New Jersey, carpenter ants are typically black and grow to 5/8 inch long. Due to the prodigious numbers, a colony of carpenter ants can cause considerable structural damage to commercial buildings over time. In fact, carpenter ants can be expected to attack 1 in 4 New York and New Jersey buildings. If you notice large black ants in or around your property, you have carpenter ants. Call Stern Environmental for effective commercial pest management.