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Super Rats Or Super Sickly Rats? Could Urban Pest Control Be Influencing Evolution?

How Is the Urban Environment Changing its Animal Inhabitants?
How Is the Urban Environment Changing its Animal Inhabitants?

With humans, efforts to eradicate illnesses sometimes result in development of drug-resistant bacteria and viruses. Scientists are finding a similar situation with NJ pest control, which appears to have some far-reaching impacts on the rat population.

Are Rat Extermination Efforts Counterproductive?

Rat infestation takes a physical, mental and economic toll on affected communities. While improvements in technology have created highly efficient rodent-killing solutions, many cities around the world are actually seeing an increase in their rat populations.

Impact of Extermination Methods on Rat Population

Once an extermination campaign ends, the results are generally temporary as rat populations quickly rebound, a phenomenon dubbed the “boomerang effect.” Rats themselves have been undergoing a couple of significant changes.

• Rats who survive extermination attempts tend to have genetic traits that make them better equipped to avoid danger. One specific gene that’s been identified actually makes rodent-killing chemicals ineffective. As these traits are passed on through reproduction, generations of “super rats” are developing.

• On the other hand, reduction in rat population causes a corresponding reduction in genetic variation, which in turn hinders their ability to respond to changing environments. Reproduction within this limited gene pool creates a type of inbreeding, leading to weak and sickly rats less likely to survive.

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One Man’s Pest Is Another Man’s Zoo: How Pests Thrive In An Urban Environment

Pests Thrive In Urban Environments, Too!
Pests Thrive In Urban Environments, Too!

Raccoons, ants and other targets of NJ pest control are always searching for a comfortable habitat. As cities continue to expand and displace natural landscapes, wildlife members are finding unlikely homes in urban surroundings.

Wildlife Becomes City Life

Millions viewed the recent viral video of Pizza Rat, an industrious rodent dragging a slice down New York subway steps. Sightings of feral cats snatching mice and pigeons feeding on discarded French fries are becoming increasingly more common in the hustle and bustle of cities.

Scientists view this as an example of the adaptive nature of cities and nature alike. While we generally picture “nature” as vast expanses of grass, trees and lakes, urban areas encompass another type of nature that includes even such surprising members as coyotes, deer and bald eagles.

Look, but Don’t Touch

For years, researchers dismissed urban communities as the dark side of nature. Cities were places where insects begin their insidious spread across the country, not forums to watch animals go about their business.

Experts warn against one dangerous side effect of this movement. People are sometimes fooled into thinking proximity equals domesticity. Wildlife is still best observed at a safe distance.

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Rats and Restaurants – Winter Garbage is Still a Problem for Foraging Colonies

Rats are Hungry, Just Like Restaurant Customers... Don't Feed Them Though!
Rats are Hungry, Just Like Restaurant Customers… Don’t Feed Them Though!

Although it’s colder outside, rats can still be a problem for restaurant owners. These rodents dig through garbage all winter long in order to find sources of food. Without NJ rat control, this could lead to big problems for your restaurant in terms of cleanliness and safety.  Keep the following in mind to protect your property from rats this winter.

Dumpster Protection

The dumpsters on your property are one of the biggest sources of food for rats. Having lids that aren’t closed tightly and a lot of easy access to food can result in a rat infestation during winter. Make sure that the dumpsters on your property are securely closed at all times, and keep containers or bags with food inside dumpsters sealed as much as possible.

Entry Points

When rats know they can find food in your dumpsters, their next step could be going inside your restaurant. Rats can get into small openings and gaps anywhere on your property. Identifying and closing these entry points helps keep them out. Delivery personnel and employees should use caution when opening and closing doors, so rats don’t sneak in.

Rat Prevention Tips

Other ways to keep rats away include cleaning up spills and sweeping up food debris as quickly as possible. Trash from inside should also be emptied daily.

If you need NJ rat control for your restaurant, contact Stern Environmental.

Restaurant Owners – These Beetles Love to Destroy Your Food Stores

Sit Back and Relax When Your Restaurant Gets the Pest Control Help It Needs to Keep Your Business on Track.
Sit Back and Relax When Your Restaurant Gets the Pest Control Help It Needs to Keep Your Business on Track.

When you hear about the beetles invading, it’s not a step back in time to the singing group, it’s the insect kind that marches to its own beat.

Cigarette and Drugstore Beetles

Cigarette and drugstore beetles are common pests found in tropical and subtropical regions and have a reputation for their propensity for stored products. This includes a wide range of items including spices, grains, seeds, dried fruits, tobacco, beans, nuts, and more.

Adult beetles are adept at getting into stored food as well as the newly hatched babies that can get into packages through small pinpoint holes and even get into spices with lids. This can be especially problematic for businesses that prepare food and why a NJ restaurant pest control service is necessary to treat the area.

Female beetles are active and lay close to 100 eggs. This can take anywhere from 6 days to 20 days. Development of the babies can take from around three weeks to over 100 days and depends on temperature and food sources.

Depending on the number of females in one area and the hundreds of eggs being developed, it’s easy to understand how an infestation can occur. When this happens, stored food packages must be checked for beetles and if found, products must be discarded.

When dealing with an infestation, contact Stern Environment for fast and effective help from a professional NJ restaurant pest control service.

NYC Government Continues the Fight Against Bed Bugs in Their Own Back Yard

Don't be Negligent! Any Place Can get Bedbugs
Don’t be Negligent! Any Place Can get Bedbugs

Bed bugs are being discovered in more and more places, including New York City’s city council offices on Broadway Street. These irritating insects were found during a standard sweep of the building and an exterminator was called in to stop the infestation before it got out of control.

It Can Happen to Any Company

Though no additional bed bugs were found by the extermination team, the area was treated with an insecticide just to be safe. If bed bugs can get into an area as tightly controlled as the city council chambers for the largest city in America, they likely can find a way into your business as well. Thankfully, as a commercial exterminator, we have the knowledge and equipment to treat bed bug problems in an office or storefront environment.

How a NJ Pest Control Team Can Help Your Business

While you might not think that your business can have bed bugs, it’s possible even for non-residential buildings to suffer bed bug infestations. Just because you don’t sleep in an area doesn’t mean that you’re immune to their itchy, annoying bites. Bed bugs can survive in upholstered furniture and even in walls and carpeting, waiting for unsuspecting humans to sit down so they can start feeding.

If you are interested in learning more about exterminating bed bugs in commercial spaces, get in touch with our team at Stern Environmental by calling 1-888-88STERN (1-888-887-8376).