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Cryonite, It’s The Rapid Freeze That Kills

The key with Cryonite is not that it just freezes bed bugs, but it is the rapid freeze and incredibly low temperature that kills pests including bed bugs.

At the forum http://www.bedbugger.com/ where we announced that we were providing bed bug extermination services, we got scoffs and disbelief from some of the participants saying that they have put bed bugs in their freezer and that they did not die or if they were frozen in time they just woke up again.

Well I am here to tell you that I don’t know of any freezer, even a sub-zero model, that can freeze to -35 °C that is equal to -25.6 °F. Cryonite can freeze to this level and does in seconds. Cryonite is applying carbon dioxide snow, that is dry ice snow. We all know that you do not touch dry ice it can freeze skin instantly how much more so with little bitty pests.

So on the topic of killing bed bugs with Cryonite, I say, freeze them dead! Let them suffer for all the pain that bed bugs have caused me and then die a horrible death, but death it is for them with a Cryonite treatment there is no waking up from that!