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NYC to Crack Down on Rodents to Prevent Dangerous Spread of Diseases

Rats are Spreading Dangerous Diseases
Rats are Spreading Dangerous Diseases

NYC rodent control can be a disgusting job, but sometimes it can be downright dangerous. A rare disease has taken its toll on NYC, killing one, and severely sickening 2 others. Disseminated by the city’s ever-burgeoning rat population, the NYC Health Department has been spurred into action.

The Area of Highest Risk
A cluster of the rare bacterial infection, leptospirosis, has been identified within a one-block radius of the Concourse area of the Bronx. The building in question is owned by the 5th worst landlord in the city, Ved Parkash, also known for 5 other buildings with violations. It is the first such cluster ever identified in the city.

A Dirty Job
A team was dispatched, that quickly identified obvious garbage management and rodent infestation issues on-site. Working through the day, they inspected apartments, disposed of improperly handled garbage, set traps, and plugged holes in walls and pipes.

Thwarting the Spread
Leptospirosis is commonly spread via contact with infected rat urine – rarely from person to person. City Health Commissioner Mary Bassett stressed it’s a very rare infection, noting 26 cases in the city since 2006.

What NYC rodent control procedures should you follow to ensure safety? Avoid contact with affected areas. Clean them with a 10% bleach solution, protecting your hands, feet, and eyes with safety gear. Wash your hands after any contact, and contact your local Stern pest control expert for fast rat eradication.

Count ‘Em – 15 Diseases Indirectly Carried by Rats

Rats Can Indirectly Carry 15 Different Kinds of Diseases
Rats Can Indirectly Carry 15 Different Kinds of Diseases

From parasites to bacteria to harmful viruses, rats carry a long list of diseases that can be transmitted to humans via their infected urine and feces. Although rats are the best-known offenders, other disease-carrying rodents include muskrats, marmots, groundhogs, mice, tree squirrels, chipmunks, porcupines, and voles.

Each of the categories below lists the infected host that is known to directly transmit the named disease to a rat. In turn, sick rats infect humans through contact with their urine and feces. NYC rat control is vital to keeping your loved ones healthy.

Fleas or Mites

Murine Typhus

Sylvatic Typhus


Scrub Typhus



La Crosse Encephalitis

West Nile Virus

Sand Fly

Cutaneous Leishmaniasis



Colorado Tick Fever

Human Granulocytic Anaplasmosis

Lyme Disease

Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever

Powassan Virus

Relapsing Fever

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

This list of fifteen diseases is something that you, as a property owner, do not want to expose yourself, your family, friends, tenants, or pets to a possible infection. To prevent an infestation of infected rats, it’s important to put a plan into place that includes sealing any entry points to your home, trapping renegade rats, eliminating nesting places, and removing all interior and exterior food sources.

With the additional help of a professional NYC rat control specialist, you can keep your property rat free. For help with a current rat control problem, contact us at Stern Environmental Group for assistance.


Three Diseases that Rodents Carry

The Plague
The Plague

If you have ever dealt with a rat problem, you know how important it is to take care of it as quickly as possible. Rats carry diseases, and they can make you sick very fast. Today we’d like to discuss a few of these diseases so you know the symptoms you should be watching for.

Bubonic Plague

While it might not be widespread, there are parts of the United States who still encounter cases of the bubonic plague. An infected person will exhibit flu-like symptoms and it can be fatal within a few days of exposure. Fortunately, it can be treated with antibiotics.


Humans often contract salmonella from rats through food that has droppings. You may experience severe stomach problems, including vomiting and intense pain. If left untreated, it can be fatal.


Tapeworms are parasites that are carried by rats, and humans can come into contact with them when they ingest rat droppings unknowingly, or when they simply touch droppings and then don’t wash their hands. Tapeworms can grow in your stomach, and they feed on the food you eat, resulting in an extreme amount of weight loss very quickly.

If you think you might have a rat control problem, it’s best to contact a pest control expert right away. For more information, or to schedule an inspection, please contact us today.