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Oh Yes, the EPA Says There is a Right Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

There's a Right and Wrong Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs
There’s a Right and Wrong Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

A bed bug infestation in your home or business can turn into an uncomfortable itching session sooner or later. When bed bugs invade your property, immediate steps must be taken to eliminate these bloodsucking pests and treat infested areas.

Tips from the Environmental Protection Agency

If you’re going to attempt to rid your property of bed bugs on your own, it’s highly recommend that you carefully follow these safety tips, provided by the Environmental Protection Agency.

• Only use pesticides that have been approved by the EPA. If the product does not carry a registration number from the EPA, which is found on the label, then the product has not been determined to kill bed bugs.

• Never use a pesticide that hasn’t been approved for eliminating bed bugs.

• Never assume you know how to use the product. Read the label from top to bottom to ensure you follow all applicable safety steps and properly use the product. This includes where it can be used, under what conditions, overexposure, and any harmful effects to humans and pets.

• Using both heat and cold techniques are options for NYC pest control. These methods are best administered by a professional NYC pest control company with technicians skilled in the proper use of specialized equipment.

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EPA Bed Bug Summit – Should NYC Cheer?

The Environmental Protection Agency had their National Bed Bugs Summit. Some people that actually read a lot of information about the summit at the EPA website have stated the summit produced a ton of ideas but more than half were about educating the public and about how odious the little critters are. Sure their were ideas such as create strategies, more funding for research, focus research to develop solutions and use new technologies. All solid ideas and things you typically hear at conferences. Hopefully the EPA will go beyond the conference and help the citizens of NJ, the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn get rid of their bed bugs. Sure let’s urge the EPA to get rid of them all over the country and not just in NYC.

One idea that could be implemented soon and could be helpful to NYC residents is to provide official bed bug certification to pest control companies. Some apartment owners and homeowners have complained their pest control company didn’t seem to know much about bed bugs and did a poor job. Let’s just hope they don’t give certification to anyone with a bed bug on their business card.

If you have bed bugs ask a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control expert to eliminate them.