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Could the Release of Bed Bugs in an Office be Considered Bio-Terrorism?

Could the Release of Bed Bugs in an Office be Considered Bio-Terrorism?
Could the Release of Bed Bugs in an Office be Considered Bio-Terrorism?

Bed bugs have been known to elicit crazy reactions from people with infestations. However, where is the right place to draw the line? One man recently over-reacted when he was denied help for his bed bug problem. As your NYC bed bug specialists, we wanted to share this story with you.

An Extreme Bed Bug Problem

The story takes place in Augusta, Maine, where a man was denied assistance from code enforcement regarding a bed bug infestation in his home. When he had shown the bed bugs to his apartment manager, he was told he’d need to move out. Disgusted, he returned to the code enforcement office, once again, to ask for help. His request was denied and he was told he didn’t qualify for any assistance. That was when the situation took a turn for the worse.

An Act of Bio-Terrorism?

The man had a cup of bed bugs with him that day. He slammed the cup on the counter, causing about 100 bed bugs to scatter. The office had to close for the day while the area was treated for the blood-sucking pests.

What would you have done in this man’s situation? Fortunately, that’s a question you may not need to answer. Your NYC bed bug specialists are here to help you with your bed bug problem. When you contact us, we’ll be on the job right away, putting your mind at ease.

Pest Control Technology Magazine Releases Bed Bug Report on Bed Bug Problems in Multi-Family Housing Units

Pest Control Technology Magazine Releases Bed Bug Report on Bed Bug Problems in Multi-Family Housing Units
Pest Control Technology Magazine Releases Bed Bug Report on Bed Bug Problems in Multi-Family Housing Units

Bed bugs are a problem anywhere and a new survey conducted by a consortium of researchers from multiple universities sheds light on the problem of these bloodsucking pests in multi-unit housing communities.

Bed Bug Research

While bed bugs are on the move throughout the U.S., researchers are actively tracking the situation to stay up-to-date on the bugs’ movements and ways to help the public and pest control companies manage the situation.

The latest research targeted the western region of the U.S. where information is not as abundant as it is on the east coast. Funded by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Western Integrated Pest Management Center, surveys were distributed to small businesses and pest control companies.

Bed Bug Survey

The results of the survey focused on three areas: 1. worst infestations, 2. most difficult infestations and 3. most often treated. Multi-unit housing ranked the highest in worst infestations followed by hotels and shelters. In category 2, multi-unit housing was first followed by hotels and single-family homes. In category 3, responses put multi-unit housing first, then single-family followed by hotels.

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Just How Problematic is the Bed Bug Chemical Resistance Phenomena

Bed Bugs are Increasingly Resistant to Pesticides
Bed Bugs are Increasingly Resistant to Pesticides

Bed bug problems are on the rise in the NJ area and around the USA thanks to these pests’ ability to resist common sprays. Researchers found that bed bugs have developed resistance to sprays that contain neonicotinoids, which are the most common chemicals used in insecticides.

Increased Resistance to Insecticides

Scientists discovered that bed bugs are increasingly able to survive exposure to neonicotinoids, making it much more difficult to eradicate these pests. In terms of concentration levels, researchers found that the effective dose has increased by up to 1,000 times. This has led scientists to push for bed bug eradication measures that focus on using non-chemical methods.

Bed bugs in the 1940s and 1950s were typically killed with DDT and other kinds of insecticides with powerful chemicals. However, these pests developed a resistance to these chemicals, as well as the follow-on chemical, pyrethroid, that was successful for a while. Over the years, bed bugs have continued to evolve a resistance to new chemicals that were developed, produced, and then in turn had a relatively short term of success.

Our NJ bed bug specialists are one step ahead of these pests. Our methods don’t rely on chemicals to get rid of bed bugs.

Take steps to prevent your business from having to deal with a bed bug invasion. Our NJ bed bug specialists can make sure your business is well-protected from these pests all year round.

Thick Skinned Bed Bugs Appear Impervious to Bed Bug Sprays

Spraying insecticide on cockroach
Bed Bugs are Adapting

Finding bed bugs in your business might have you reaching for bug spray to get rid of them, but most common sprays are proving to be ineffective. Researchers have discovered that bed bugs are developing resistance to the chemicals used in OTC bug sprays.

Thick Skinned Bed Bugs

These pests have been developing new ways to resist insecticides, which has led to widespread bed bug infestations around the world. Researchers at the University of Sydney recently found that some bed bugs are growing a thicker skin that helps protect them from insecticides. Those that have thicker cuticles are able to withstand exposure to chemical levels that would normally kill them.

What does this mean for NYC business owners? While common sprays might not work, our NYC bed bug specialists have other methods of getting rid of these blood-sucking pests. These methods are nontoxic and are highly effective at eliminating bed bugs and preventing additional infestations from occurring. We encourage business owners throughout NYC to learn more about our services in order to keep bed bugs at bay.

Don’t let bed bugs affect your business. Contact the NYC bed bug specialists at Stern Environmental before these pests become a major nuisance. We can handle current infestations and prevent new ones from happening.

Top NYC Law Firm Struggles with Bed Bug Infestation

NYC Law Firm Struggles With Bed Bugs
NYC Law Firm Struggles With Bed Bugs

Even the letter of the law doesn’t deter roving bed bugs from their quest to find warm homes and an ongoing buffet of humans to fed upon.

A large New York law firm is fighting what seems to be an on-going battle with the tiny bugs as they rampage through the 24th floor of the building.

After evidence was found putting the bed bug culprits at the scene of the crime, exterminators were brought in to check for more damaging evidence. After thoroughly investigating, the exterminator found that several areas were infected.

Employees working in the infected areas, while not pointed out as suspects, may have been the source of the infestation without even knowing it.

Bed bugs use any opportunity available to travel from area to area. This can be as easy as grabbing on to someone’s clothing, briefcase, purse, or backpack while they’re traveling on the subway, bus, taxi or car.

It could also be the bugs attached themselves when someone stopped at the local cafe for an espresso and they took the bed bugs into their office.

NYC bed bug control is something you need to be on the lookout for because they can be anywhere, at anytime. Bed bugs do not play favorites.

Don’t let bed bugs take over your building and wreak havoc on unsuspecting occupants. For swift justice, contact our NYC bed bug control specialists at Stern Environmental Group.