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Incredible? Chocolate Being Tested as Rodent Control Bait

Incredible? Chocolate Being Tested as Rodent Control Bait
Incredible? Chocolate Being Tested as Rodent Control Bait

Who doesn’t love the luscious taste of chocolate? Apparently even rodents have a fondness for the sweet treat. Could chocolate become an effective tool in our NJ pest control treatments?

The Lure of Chocolate

In an effort to reduce use of poisons, the biosecurity team in Greater Wellington, NZ has been conducting a novel experiment using chocolate as bait in self-setting rodent traps. Testing is taking place at Te Ahumairangi Hill, a heavily wooded area running through the Town Belt of Wellington.

Results are being tracked by ink-covered cards placed in tunnels to capture footprints. So far the test has been a success, with the rodent population remaining at low levels.

Benefits of “Sweet” Traps

Senior Biosecurity Officer Paul Horton explains the benefits of using chocolate as a rodent lure:

– Birds aren’t attracted to the smell of chocolate, making them less likely to get caught in traps.

– Chocolate bait lasts for six months and traps can kill two dozen rodents before being replaced, reducing the need for staff to spend time checking them.

Urban Ecology Manager Daniela Biaggio adds that this innovative plan is a safe way to maintain diversity of wildlife in an urban environment.

State-of-the-Art NJ Pest Control 

Stern Environmental Group uses the most current and effective methods in our NJ pest control programs. Contact us today to get peace of mind with a pest-free home, office or business.

Keep Out Winter Warmth Seeking Pests with These Tips

Keep Out Winter Warmth Seeking Pests with These Tips
Keep Out Winter Warmth Seeking Pests with These Tips

It’s no secret that the winter months are a “hot” time for certain pests. Mice are among the most common critters that are seen in New Jersey homes. A lot of people have just come to think of them as par for the course this time of year. But there are several ways to keep them out.

How to Keep Mice Out During Winter

If you see a mouse in your house, you can bet there are more, somewhere. They multiply quickly, which is why if you see one, you need to act quickly. Prevention is always the best solution, so follow these tips:

– Take down any birdfeeders that are outside your home.

– Keep hedges and bushes well trimmed.

– Walk around the outside of your house and close any cracks or holes with caulk.

– Seal up any food that is in your kitchen.

Taking these simple steps can drastically cut down on any rodent problems you might have this winter.

When to Contact NJ Residential Pest Control

There are some rodent problems that can be difficult to control on your own. Sometimes even the best prevention steps don’t work for one reason or another. But NJ residential pest control can take on those tough problems.

At Stern Environmental, we pride ourselves on a job well done. Our goal is to rid your home of mice giving you your peace of mind back. Contact us today.

Rats and Garbage – Fueling the Spread of Dangerous Typhus in Los Angeles

RatLos Angeles could use the services of NJ pest control technicians in their battle against rats, which are creating a massive health problem for the city.

Typhus Zone

The downtown district near Ceres Street – dubbed Skid Row – and surrounding city blocks (totaling 54) have become a breeding spot for rats and typhus. With over 4,000 homeless people making the streets their home combined with the trash, human waste, discarded food, and clothing, it has earned the name “typhus zone. ”

The number of typhus cases has escalated to 92 since the summer. Some of the cases are in Pasadena and in Long Beach. Overall, the county has estimated around 60 cases each year, which has also increased to double what the county has experienced in past years. This is according to data from the Los Angeles Health Department.

In an effort to clean up the area, the city is using all available resources, such as increasing garbage pickup and utilizing a task force to clean sidewalks.

Rat Prevention

To help prevent a rat infestation in your home or yard, keep food sources unavailable, protect outdoor pets with a preventative flea regimen, and seal entry points to your home. For added prevention, employ the services of a NJ pest control company to inspect and eliminate any current or potential pest problems. Call Stern Environmental to find out more about the processes available to make your home rat-free.

Keep Fall Pests From Moving into Your Building

Keep Pests Out of Your Home This Fall and Winter
Keep Pests Out of Your Home This Fall and Winter

Along with beautiful fall weather, cool temperatures, colorful leaves and holiday events, there’s also an on-going parade of unseen pests making their way inside your home or business in preparation for winter temps.

Preventing Fall Pests

Fall pests include a variety of visitors from beetles and bugs to mice and assorted wildlife. All are on the hunt for a warm place to snuggle down when the temperatures drop.

There are quite a few things you can do that will prevent pests from entering the premises.

• Seal and/or repair any openings into your home such as replacing deteriorated weather stripping around doors and windows.

• Repair any damaged screens in windows and doors.

• Add a door sweep to prevent entry.

• Install screens on openings to chimneys and attic vents. Both are invitations for visitors.

• Caulk outside cracks and crevices using standard caulk or steel wool. Pests are savvy and can squeeze through small openings.

• If you use firewood, store it away from your home.

• For those who enjoy feeding the birds and squirrels, or provide a dish of food for outside pets, remove any uneaten food.

• Don’t leave water standing around. Like food, pests need water too.

• Hire the services of a NYC pest control company.

If your building is experiencing an influx of unwanted fall residents, contact our knowledgeable staff at Stern Environmental. Our NYC pest control technicians know how to evict and eliminate seasonal pests.

What Pests Can Reduce the Value of Your Property?

Pests that Can Cause Issues
Pests that Can Cause Issues

If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market, you may not realize there are certain pests that can impact your property’s value. While the exterior of your home may look fine, the structure itself may be damaged by a variety of insects.

Problem Pests

Honey bees are busy creating their hives and honey which is a good thing when being managed by a beekeeper. When thousands of bees choose to build their colony inside a wall, it becomes a sticky hive of honey, glue and wax.

Drywood and subterranean termites destroy wood and cause billions in property damage every year.

German cockroaches carry disease and require a strong extermination treatment plan to eradicate them from your home.

Fire ants are problematic as the bugs create ant hills or mounds where the colony, along with the queen, set up housekeeping. The ants can penetrate air conditioning, transformer boxes and electrical switches which can result in a power outage.

Carpenter ants are adept at creating structural damage. They are considered wood destroyers due to their ability to bore out areas in wood for living space. They’re also known for living in hollow areas and insulation panels.

Powderpost beetles have a penchant for hardwood. If your home has hardwood furniture, hardwood flooring, wood cabinets, solid wood doors and molding, these areas are vulnerable to beetles.

For help with infestations in your home, contact Stern Environmental today.