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Just How Much are Bedbugs Costing Hotel Owners?

When You Need Help Call the Bed Bug Specialists - Stern Environmental Group!
When You Need Help Call the Bed Bug Specialists – Stern Environmental Group!

The hospitality industry is taking a serious financial hit when it comes to bed bug infestations. Not only that, they’re taking a hit to their respective reputations as well.

Bed Bugs and Hotels

All it takes is someone posting to a social media account, leaving a review, texting friends, or giving an interview about bed bugs found in the room and the hotel is immediately on the defensive.

While no one wants to be bitten by bed bugs while they’re sleeping, there’s always a chance the person was actually bitten by a flea or mosquito and assumed it was a bed bug. This type of unfounded accusation can cause irreparable damage to hotels, motels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, hostels, and vacation rental properties.

When there is proof of bed bugs and the news is shared, the price of the room immediately drops resulting in the hotel losing money. Add to that the cost of litigation if the hotel is sued, plus remediation and treatment, the cost of inventory replacement, fewer guests and higher operating costs, and it becomes a costly situation.

On the eastern seaboard where many international travelers spend time, NYC bed bug specialists are on call to take care of hotel infestations.

For residents in the vicinity, NYC bed bug specialists provide professional services to tackle sightings and eliminate the problem. If you’re experiencing bed bugs, contact Stern Environmental for a free inspection.

Tips for Hoteliers on How to Handle a Bed Bug Complaint

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How to Handle Bed Bugs In Your Hotel

Bed bugs are a scourge when it comes to owners and operators in the hotel business. These tiny bloodsucking pests are well-heeled travelers hitching rides on many types of transportation, including a guest’s luggage, totes, and backpacks.

One of the worse scenarios facing a hotelier is having guests discover bed bugs in their room and filing a complaint. While a well-run hotel should have a “bed bug check list” in place for its housekeeping staff, there’s always a possibility of the pests getting a foot in the door, unseen.

Tips for Dealing with Guest Complaints

Should a guest discover bed bugs in their room and file a complaint, there are several tips you’ll want to have in place to prevent the situation from getting out of control. It could impact your business in a negative way, such as a report on the nightly news and on websites providing reviews of hotels.

• Have a clear plan of action for employees

• Apologize for the inconvenience and assure the guest you’re taking immediate action

• Offer an alternate room at no charge for the length of their stay

• Place the room “out of service”

• Contact a NYC bed bug specialist for an inspection, advice, and treatment

For long-term precautions against potential infestations, speak to the NYC bed bug specialists at Stern Environmental about future treatments and available preventive measures to remain bed bug free.