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Track & Trap Mouse Control

Unless we’re amazingly fortunate, every one of us, at some point in our lives, has had to endure the tedious task of dealing with those fluffy little balls of sofa-chewing, dropping-leaving, cat-provoking, seemingly invincible joy. That’s right, I’m talking about mice. When aimless snap traps and cheese have got you frustrated to no end, alas, there is another solution: the Track & Trap mouse control system, by Stern Environmental.

Perfect for restaurants, industrial settings, multi-family units, and homes, this innovative new technology not only takes care of one or two mice, but all of them. First, a mouse control expert will install a special mouse tracking box containing food attractant, surrounded by an environmentally friendly, powdered fluorescent chemical which covers the feet and bodies of the mice as they eat.

Then, as the mouse scurries back to its nest or hole, it will leave tracks of the fluorescent powder. After a few days, many of the mice (if there happen to be more than one) will have discovered this food source and, in turn, will have made more powder trails leading back to their nests or holes. Finally, a mouse eradication expert will come and track the path of the mice using a special UV light that will illuminate the box’s fluorescent powder and uncovering the mice’s feeding trail. Through doing this, they can then pinpoint each of the entry points and set traps, accordingly.

In addition to the Track & Trap mouse control system, Stern also provides traditional rat and mouse control, including snap traps, rodenticides, and mechanical traps, as well as rat and mouse inspection for any environment, such as restaurants, industrial settings, multi-family units, and homes. Don’t let these little pests scrounge throughout your home, any longer. Give Track & Trap a try!