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Incredible? CRIPSR Gene Technology Used to Alter Pest Population Breeding

Incredible? CRIPSR Gene Technology Used to Alter Pest Population Breeding
Incredible? CRIPSR Gene Technology Used to Alter Pest Population Breeding

It isn’t enough to come up with the best ways to provide NJ pest control services. While we use the most modern methods, we have to admit that it’s necessary to go even deeper into the problem. That means being able to control and manipulate the way certain pests breed. That is exactly what researchers have done.

Introducing a New Gene Editing Tool

CRISPR is the new gene editing tool that is being used to change some of the key genes that determine sex and fertility among certain types of insects. It uses a precision-guided sterile insect technique, or pgSIT. When altered eggs are inserted into populations of the insects, the result is astounding. Only adult males that are sterile emerge.

What Insects are Being Targeted? 

The New World Screwworm Fly is one insect that was actually eradicated because of the use of this type of technology. Today, mosquitoes are being considered as the most likely candidate for it. They have the ability to spread so many diseases, and CRISPR could change that drastically.

For Now, NJ Pest Control is Here to Help

It may be some time before we see this technology come to fruition. At Stern Environmental, we want you to know that we’re here to assist with any of your pest control needs. Whether you’re bothered by mosquitoes in the summer, or you have a rodent problem during the winter. Contact us.

Ants Top the List for Facility Managers Biggest Pest Headaches – Part One

Where You See One, There Is Probably More.
Where You See One, There Is Probably More.

One lesson we’ve learned from our experience as a NYC Pest Control company is that significant destruction of your home’s or facility’s structure is often caused by the tiniest pests in the insect kingdom.

Ants are widely acknowledged to be the most common household pests in the NYC Pest Control region. There are six reasons why they are causing so much trouble for property owners:

1. They’re Always Found In Large Numbers

Ants are social insects, and they are always found living in colonies which can host many thousands of members. Damage is caused not merely by a single ant, but by an entire colony working together to forage for food and defend its territory against rival colonies.

2. They Burrow Inside Every Space

Ants are incredibly industrious creatures, and will go over every inch of your home or facility in their never-ending quest for food and shelter. The result of this relentless quest takes the shape of hollowed-out walls within the structure. In addition to the obvious impact to the property’s structural integrity, having people and ants in close proximity inevitably leads to the annoyance factor and stings.

3. They Can Pose Serious Health Hazards

Ant stings are painful and, for those with allergies, can seriously affect your health. If ant stings cause an allergic reaction, then you could end up in the hospital or in rare cases even die.

Continued in Part Two . . .

Three Tips to Protect Your Office Building from Summer Pests

Protect Your Building
Protect Your Building

Summer is here and unfortunately, so are the pests. Here are three simple preventative tips that will help keep your building running and pest free all summer long:

1. Keep your shrubs and trees neatly trimmed and a safe distance from the building. During the spring and summer, your landscaping will take off and sprout all sorts of new growth. While this can be a real testament to your green thumb, it also creates new pathways for insects, including destructive termites, to gain access to your home.

2. Look out for places where standing water can gather. Wherever water has accumulated, you are sure to find a treasure trove of mosquitoes. Be sure to survey the outside of your building and clean up any pots, trash cans or other objects that may be collecting rain water and providing a breeding ground.

You may also want to consider filling in any low spots on the property. Even a rain puddle that accumulates and takes a few days to dry up can be enough for bugs to thrive.

3. Seal any cracks around windows and doors. Not only will this cut down on your utility bills by preventing cold air from seeping out, it will also make it harder for insects to access the building.

If it is too late for preventative measures and you need help, call Stern Environmental for all your NJ pest control needs.