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Bed Bugs’ Own Chemical Signals Can Help Destroy Them

Scientists have discovered that combining bed bugs’ own chemical signals with a common insect control agent creates a more effective treatment for destroying bed bugs. The scientists learned that by spraying the environment with synthetic versions of their alarm pheromones, makes the bed bugs more likely to saunter or sashay through the agents known as desiccant dusts, which destroys bed bugs by making the odious insects highly susceptible to dehydration.

The most deadly combination was a blend of two pheromones applied together with a silica gel desiccant dust. Perhaps this has been common knowledge in NJ, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn for years! Maybe not.

Desiccant dusts are one of the oldest types of insect control and kill insects if they walk through them. The plan calls for the bed bugs to become stimulated by a pheromone blend and begin prancing around and walk through the desiccant dust and die by dehydration. However, the experiments indicate that about 60% of adult female bed bugs died within 40 days. Most NYC and NJ residents may prefer instant death for NJ and NYC bed bugs. Joshua Benoit, lead author of the study, thinks more testing needs to be done before the product is sold.

If you have bed bugs ask a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control expert to eliminate them.