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Landlords Are Fuming Over New Bed Bug Disclosure Legislation

Even Though the New Legislation Might Fan the Flames Bedbugs Have Caused, It Will Help in the Long Run.
Even Though the New Legislation Might Fan the Flames Bedbugs Have Caused, It Will Help in the Long Run.

If you ever had cause to think about NYC and NJ bed bug exterminators, this may be a good reason. A new bed bug disclosure legislation is about to be passed that requires landlords to “file infestation histories with the Department of Housing Preservation and Development and to either publicly post histories in buildings or distribute them to tenants.”

What this means to you, as a prospective renter of an apartment, is that you will know if there has ever been a bed bug infestation on the property where you are interested in living.

How Does that Make You Feel?

That’s the question landlords are most interested in, and they believe, perhaps correctly, that this type of disclosure will have a negative affect on rental properties. For example, a building that has never had bed bugs as opposed to a building that has had an infestation would be seen as a more favorable place to live, regardless of how long ago or how effective NYC or NJ bed bug exterminators took care of the problem.

Will it Matter?

On the face of things, it shouldn’t matter. If a bed bug problem has been professionally taken care of, there should be no cause for alarm.

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Landlords and Bed Bugs – Having a Plan in Advance Mitigates Problems

Landlords Need a Bedbug Plan

As explained by the NYC Pest Control department, every housing building deals with the problem of bed bugs. A bed bug infestation is not a problem that goes away on its own. Formulating a plan in advance and sticking to it can help you deal effectively with the problem from the start. Here are some steps you can take to address the problem:

1. Immediate Response

Don’t put off inspections for another day, but respond immediately to alerts and take a survey of the damage.

2. Collaborate with Residents

Bed bugs are as much the resident’s problem as yours. Try to involve them in the process of de-infestation and impress upon them the role that they must play to keep bed bugs out of the building.

3. Check Adjacent Units

Infestation rarely occurs in isolation. Inspect all nearby and adjacent units to determine how many areas are affected.

4. Make Preparations

Making proper arrangements to prepare for de-infestation will greatly improve your chances of success.

5. Keep an Eye on Treated Areas

The problem doesn’t go away once the bugs have been destroyed. To avoid re-infestation, keep an eye on the area and respond quickly if fresh bugs are seen moving into the unit.

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