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NYC Should Put Rats on Birth Control to Solve the Infestation Problem

Is Birth Control For Rats the Solution To Overpopulation of These Disease Carrying Pests?
Is Birth Control For Rats the Solution To Overpopulation of These Disease Carrying Pests?

Could putting rats on ‘the pill’ offer NYC and NJ pest control professionals a safe, humane, and environmentally-friendly new way to put a stop to the area’s rodent infestation problems? The Big Apple is currently working with a biotech company to put an end to their ongoing pest plague.

Goodbye Petrifying Poisons
Biotech firm SenesTech has developed a substance called ContraPest, designed to hit the rodents where it hurts – putting an end to their inane ability to prolifically procreate. Human and pet-safe, the new technique is designed to tackle the root of the problem.

The is fact that despite our large size and cranial capacity, humans are no match for a population of the estimated 2 million rats that call the New York area home. Just 4 breeding pairs and their offspring could create up to 15 million rats in a single year.

Hello Clinical Trials
With the new non-lethal, tasty bait, however, menopause is triggered early in females, in just weeks degrading ovarian function until no longer able to reproduce. In males, sperm production is likewise impaired. The chemical, 4-vinylcyclohexene diepoxide, becomes inactive after digestion and does not persist in droppings. NYC and NJ pest control trials began this year, following successful trials on farms and transit systems in Chicago and New York.

Stay-tuned for further information on this product from the experts in pest control, Stern Environmental as it becomes increasingly available.

What Diseases do Squirrels Carry?

Make Sure Squirrels Don't Bite You!
Make Sure Squirrels Don’t Bite You!

Squirrels are cute, furry and cuddly, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a nuisance. They often find their way inside homes as the weather gets colder in the late fall and winter seasons. Not only can they cause problems in your home, but they can also carry diseases. As your Long Island squirrel specialists, we want you to be aware of the dangers of these pests.

Squirrels and the Diseases They Carry

If you have squirrels living your attic, or other parts of your home, your entire family could be at risk. You could contract:

• Salmonellosis

• Lyme Disease

• Rabies

• Leptospirosis

• Tularemia

Most people don’t realize how dangerous squirrels can be. You also may not know if a squirrel is carrying a disease until you get bit by one.

Leave Squirrel Removal to the Professionals

It’s tempting to buy a squirrel trap and handle the situation yourself. However, this can also be dangerous. Squirrels can be quite vicious if they feel threatened. If one of them has a disease it can become even more aggressive and dangerous.

It’s best to let Long Island squirrel specialists handle any squirrel problems in your home. At Stern, that’s just one of the services we provide to our customers. Having a squirrel in your house can be annoying at best, and quite often, it can also be hazardous. Contact us to get information on how we can help you.