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NJ, NYC Bed Bugs Invading Colleges?

Bed bugs have been attacking students at college dormitories all over the country and NYC and NJ college students should learn how to identify bed bugs.  Colleges are highly susceptible to bed bugs since students come from all over the country and many parts of the world and live in the dormitories. 

 Stanford and Ohio State and other colleges had to evacuate dormitories in order to attempt to exterminate the insects.

Hopefully college students are not embarrassed about having bed bugs for roommates and decide to use bug sprays or foggers in their rooms as apposed to telling school authorities about the problem. The spray and foggers don’t kill bed bugs, they just cause them to spread about the room and find more hiding places.

Experts recommend that student use bed bug matress encasements on their beds. The encasements trap the bed bugs and prevent them from snacking on the student. Also, if bed bugs come out from the crevices they will leave a trail of blood spots and fecal matter on the encasements which will be easy to see. Early identification of bed bugs can make it easier to get rid of them.