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Are Rat and Mouse Bait Stations Used for Rodent Extermination Safe?

When confronted with a rat or mouse problem, one option to consider is the use of bait stations. But the question is, are they safe?

Consumer Bait Stations

Four tiers have been created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for bait stations with varying protection levels. It’s up to the consumer which bait station(s) will work for their individual situation.

Tier 1 bait stations are resistant to children, dogs, outdoor weather, and indoor conditions.

Tier 2 is resistant to children, dogs, and indoor conditions.

Tier 3 is resistant to children and indoor conditions.

Tier 4 is only resistant to indoor conditions.

Environmental Protection Agency Criteria

When using bait stations, safety is important. In order to be considered tamper-resistant, stations must:

Be resistant to resistant to weather.

– Prohibit entry by children or dogs.

– Can be sealed or locked.

– Provides rodent entrances only.

– Can be anchored.

– Minimal spillage.

– Cannot be attractive to children in design or color.

– Capable of visual precautionary statements.

If you are experiencing a rodent problem and need help, hiring the professional services of a NYC rodent extermination company offers the best options for fast and efficient service.

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Problems with Rats and Mice Plague Nearly 1 in 3 U.S. Homes

Nearly one-third of Americans have a mice or rat problem in their home, apartment or condominium, according to a new infographic by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). Rodents invade 21 million U.S. homes each winter. Half of all rodent infestations are discovered in the kitchen where readily available food attracts mice and rats; but once rodents enter, they may nest anywhere.

According to NPMA surveys, here’s where licensed pest control professionals typically find rodents in multi-family living areas:

50% kitchen

27% basement

25% living room

24% attic or garage

22% bedroom

11% bathroom

9% other areas

Keeping rodents out, particularly during the cold winter months when they are most likely to invade New Jersey and New York apartments, duplexes and businesses, can be extremely difficult. Mice can squeeze through a dime-size opening, and rats can wriggle through a space the size of a quarter. These pests can also enter buildings through electrical and plumbing conduits or storm drains and can even drop from trees and enter through roof vents.

Rodents are a problem throughout the U.S. but are most numerous in the Northeast and particularly in population-dense metropolitan areas such as New York City and northern New Jersey. Rats and mice present a serious health threat to humans, spreading salmonella and carrying disease-causing parasites, including ticks, fleas and lice.

Stern’s experienced techs can treat your multi-family housing units or commercial building to protect them from further rodent invasion.