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Why Getting a Cat Isn’t the Answer to Rat and Mouse Problems

Why Getting a Cat Isn't the Answer to Rat and Mouse Problems
Why Getting a Cat Isn’t the Answer to Rat and Mouse Problems

Farms and country homes often keep “mousers” around to control rodent problems, but is that the answer for NJ pest control? Surprisingly, recent studies indicate the solution may not be that simple.

Do Cats Deserve Their “Killer” Reputation?

Domestic cats have long been considered aggressive and effective predators. That view seemed to be supported by a 2017 study which found that cats played a part in the extinction of more than 60 vertebrate species around the world.

However, the fierce reputation of cats took a hit with a study published in the September 2018 issue of Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. A team of researchers spent five months observing a colony of approximately 150 rats at a Brooklyn waste management facility with the original intent to study animal pheromones.

Playing the Cat-vs-Rat Game

During the final 79 days, the project evolved into a study of cat-rat interactions. Scientists were taken aback to find that cats attacked a total of only three rats, and one actually survived.

Two possible reasons were suggested for the results:

– Urban rats are notoriously large, so cats may opt for easier prey such as birds and mice.

– Rats tend to seek cover when they sense the presence of cats.

NJ Pest Control Removes All Traces of Mice and Rats

Before you stock up on kitty litter, contact Stern Environmental. Our commercial NJ pest control programs eliminate rodent problems efficiently and discreetly.

What Do New Jersey and New York City Rats Eat?

What Do New Jersey and New York City Rats Eat?
What Do New Jersey and New York City Rats Eat?

Rats are survivors in the wild. They have to be like any other wildlife species that must fend for itself, which means their diet is diverse from day to day depending on what’s available.

Feeding Behavior

Rats eat just about anything when the opportunity arises. Outside, they’ll climb trees to get to the fruit, invade vegetable gardens, enjoy a feeding buffet bonanza at bird feeders, and forage through garbage cans. If you feed squirrels, they’ll eat the nuts and if you feed a pet outdoors, they’ll finish off what’s left in the bowl.

The fast-footed rodent is also a hoarder. They may eat a portion, then, like a squirrel, hide the rest for snacking later. They’re also careful about what they eat since the menu isn’t always the same. To make sure something they aren’t familiar with won’t make them sick, they do a taste test.

When rats get access to the inside of your home, a rat exterminator is the best approach to eliminating these pests. They’ll continue to forage for food scraps in the garbage, pet food bowls, and will eat through food packaging when the opportunity arises.

When a rat exterminator is next on your list of priority things to do, Stern Environmental is just a phone call away. We’ll schedule one of our professional technicians to dispatch rats quickly and efficiently. Call today and send the rat pack on its way.

Are Rat and Mouse Bait Stations Used for Rodent Extermination Safe?

When confronted with a rat or mouse problem, one option to consider is the use of bait stations. But the question is, are they safe?

Consumer Bait Stations

Four tiers have been created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for bait stations with varying protection levels. It’s up to the consumer which bait station(s) will work for their individual situation.

Tier 1 bait stations are resistant to children, dogs, outdoor weather, and indoor conditions.

Tier 2 is resistant to children, dogs, and indoor conditions.

Tier 3 is resistant to children and indoor conditions.

Tier 4 is only resistant to indoor conditions.

Environmental Protection Agency Criteria

When using bait stations, safety is important. In order to be considered tamper-resistant, stations must:

Be resistant to resistant to weather.

– Prohibit entry by children or dogs.

– Can be sealed or locked.

– Provides rodent entrances only.

– Can be anchored.

– Minimal spillage.

– Cannot be attractive to children in design or color.

– Capable of visual precautionary statements.

If you are experiencing a rodent problem and need help, hiring the professional services of a NYC rodent extermination company offers the best options for fast and efficient service.

At Stern Environmental Group, we have NYC rodent extermination specialists with the experience necessary to handle the job of removal safely from start to finish. Call, email, or use the convenient contact form to set up an appointment.

Mice and Men in New York City

In most other places around the country, people get mice problems because they are too lazy to take out the garbage or clean their homes. In New York City, it doesn’t matter what you do or do not do; mice will visit any place that is accessible to them. The finest restaurants and hotels in the city have mice problems, and they have yet to find a way to keep these creatures away for good.

New York mice are fearless, and they will not be deterred by the sight of their friends and relatives getting caught in a mousetrap. They are not really afraid of humans, and they will just look for food in your home at their own leisure. They are also intelligent enough to outsmart some of the most excellent feline hunters, so having cats in your home does not really solve the problem. They can get into almost any place they want because they can squeeze through openings that are as small as the size of a dime.

Other than eating your food, mice also carry a wide range of diseases, and they will contaminate your food with their urine and feces. They also chew electrical wires, which may cause power failure, or even fire.

A Mouse In My House Part I Of II

This is a true story!  Freddie, our sweet little kitten, has been camped out in our children’s playroom for the past three days.  He has been going crazy at night knocking over toys and climbing the shelving units as well.  I initially chalked it up to nutty kitten behavior, even though he had never acted that way before.  Upon one of my many trips to the playroom to find out what he was up to; I heard a strange noise, but quickly chalked the noise up to one of our four cats milling around.

My six year old daughter woke up this morning and headed to the playroom.  In a short time, she came running up the stairs yelling “There is a mouse on the TV and it is watching me!”  In my sleepy haze, I asked if she was watching “Mickey Mouse”.  “No, a real mouse is sitting on the TV watching me play!” she screamed.

I don’t like mice, so I quickly headed for the nearest chair to stand on…not really, but I was yelling “Let’s call Stern!”  My husband, not being the chicken that I am, went downstairs to join the cat hunt.

Something was truly wrong with that mouse.  Upon my husband’s arrival, there it sat, on the TV, eating a popcorn kernel that was dropped by the children the day before.  Filthy beast!

Please come back on Tuesday to see what happens next!