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NYC Makes it to the Top Four for Mosquito Problems

Plan Ahead for Mosquito Protection
Plan Ahead for Mosquito Protection

A recent study has moved New York City up a notch, from 5th place to 4th, on the list of cities with the worst mosquito problems in America. Keeping NJ & NYC pest control professionals busy, the pests remain an issue across the US, becoming increasingly troublesome as temperatures rise.

Not the Only Victim
Based on the number of residences and businesses seeking mosquito treatment between April 2016 and March 2017, the majority of cities with high-call-ins were in the southeastern US. Atlanta ranked at the top for the fourth year in a row, followed by DC, Chicago, NYC, and Ft. Lauderdale.

A Major Health Concern
A vector for the transmission of various diseases, including chikungunya, encephalitis-inducing West Nile, and most recently Zika, taking precautions in your yard, while outdoors, and during travel is strongly advisable.

Eliminate Breeding Grounds

  • Monitor and empty all standing water – mosquitoes can breed in just an inch.
  • Change bird baths and fountains weekly, and keep pools properly treated.
  • Keep gutters clean.
  • Trim shrubbery and trees.

Bar Entry

  • Repair (and use) window screens.
  • Address gaps around windows and doors.

Prevent Bites

  • Wear loose, long-sleeved shirts and pants. (Mosquitoes can bite through tight clothing.)
  • Use EPA-approved mosquito repellants containing DEET, picaridin, or IR3535.

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FDA Approves Zika Mosquito Relief Plan for Florida

Could Drones Be the End of Zika Virus?
Genetically-Modified Mosquito Trial in Florida

While the Zika virus has been around for quite some time, it has not been an issue for the U.S. until recently with the outbreak of the virus in Florida. Although most people are not negatively affected by the Zika virus, it does cause birth defects, especially microcephaly, which results in severe developmental issues.

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

In an effort to stem their reproduction cycle and lessen the population, the FDA has approved genetically altered/engineered mosquitoes developed by Oxitec, a British firm whose researchers have been developing modified mosquitoes for several years.

The altered mosquitoes are scheduled to be released in the Florida Keys to test their effectiveness. While they will still be able to produce offspring, the new mosquitoes should die off before having an opportunity to reproduce. This should have a definite impact on the mosquito population.

The trial run is scheduled for sometime in November. Oxitec has stated that the genetically modified mosquitoes pose no harm to the environment, and the experiment is expected to be effective in reducing the mosquito population as well as deterring the Zika virus.

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Now We’ll Be Treating for Zika Mosquitoes with Drones!

Could Drones Be the End of Zika Virus?
Could Drones Be the End of Zika Virus?

Two topics that have been receiving plenty of media attention lately, especially in the past few months: 1. The spread of the zika virus and its negative effect on pregnant women and their unborn children; and 2. The impact drones are having on business and service sectors.

These two newsworthy topics, which seem unrelated, are now the focus of one very helpful enterprise; treating zika-capable mosquitoes with the help of drone technology.

Zika versus Drones

According to NBC News, much needed funding is now in place to aid in the development of working drones to fight against the spread of the Zika virus.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has provided the necessary funding to WeRobotics, a Delaware company, to develop drones to transport and infiltrate hard-to-reach regions of the world with sterile mosquitoes.

The drones are also being designed to carry lab samples from regions difficult to access in order to have the samples tested in a much quicker time-frame.

Both options are vital in knowing where the mosquitoes are having an impact and by providing the means to significantly control and reduce their population with fast and efficient drone interaction.

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Zika Transmission Causes Travel Alert for Miami

In Miami, Fourteen Cases of the Zika Virus Have Been Reported
In Miami, Fourteen Cases of the Zika Virus Have Been Reported

When insects invade your home and yard, it’s time to call in a NJ pest control company to handle the situation. This is especially true with the incidences of the Zika virus escalating throughout the country.

In Miami, fourteen cases of the Zika virus have been reported and the governor has asked for emergency assistance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

According to the CDC, there are currently 1,658 cases of Zika-infected people in the U.S. including Hawaii. Of these cases, 20 percent are located in Florida resulting in a travel alert for anyone, especially pregnant women living in Miami and those who are planning to travel to Miami.

The mosquito-borne vector species (Aedes aegypti) is found in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and 30 U.S. states, which gives them a sizable stronghold and access to a large population for infecting.

There are things you can do to protect your home such as emptying any standing water in your yard, wearing protective clothing, and using insect repellent. As an added precaution, when mosquitoes are buzzing, don’t take a chance that they may be carrying the Zika virus and putting you and your family in jeopardy.

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Zika-Infected Mosquitoes Change Pest Control Needs

Insect Facts
What is the Zika Virus?

Summer is always a busy time for pest control companies and mosquito spraying businesses. This year, the possibility of Zika-carrying mosquitos is increasing demand for NYC pest control services. Zika is a viral disease that can cause symptoms such as fever, joint pain, a rash, and red eyes. The virus typically runs its course in about a week. After a person has been infected by the virus, they build up an immunity and are unlikely to contract it again. Unfortunately, these same mosquitoes may also spread the dengue and chikungunya virus.

Those at most risk from Zika

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most people infected with Zika will not visit a hospital. Few people die, and most will not realize they have been infected. But for expectant mothers, the Zika virus causes a serious birth defect known as microcephaly, which leads to severe brain defects in the unborn child.

Protecting yourself from Zika

At this time in America, Zika is passed from an infected person to another during unprotected sex. Avoiding intimate relations with an infected person is your best defense. The mosquito vector is expected soon in America, so when you’re outside, wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants,and use EPA-approved insect repellents. Currently, there is no vaccine for the Zika virus.

Mosquitoes thrive in humid conditions. To identify potential problem areas and for environmentally-friendly NYC pest control services, contact Stern Evironmental for a consultation.