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Cockroaches Learning to Avoid Standard Sweet Bait Traps

Residents of Earth for more than 350 million years, cockroaches are one of the planet’s most adaptable insect species. That ability to adapt is creating new problems for New York City and New Jersey business owners. A change in the way cockroaches “taste” is causing them to shun the sweet, glucose-laced, poison bait traps that are one of the pest control industry’s standards for roach control.

Since the phenomenon was first documented by scientists in the 1950s, cockroaches have periodically evolved to avoid the pesticides used to kill them. Survival evolution is not unique to cockroaches. For example, some bed bug populations in New York City and other large metro areas have developed a resistance to the pyrethrin pesticides that are the pest control industry’s standard for bed bug extermination. When insect pests develop a tolerance for the chemicals used to control them, new methods of extermination must be developed.

Non-chemical pest control solutions such as Cryonite, which uses liquid carbon dioxide to instantly freeze and kill insects, have proven extremely effective in exterminating pesticide-resistance cockroaches and bed bugs. And because Cryonite uses no chemical insecticides to which insects could eventually develop resistance, it will remain an effective and reliable commercial pest control solution for cockroaches, bed bugs and other noxious insect pests that are difficult to kill.