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Just How Problematic is the Bed Bug Chemical Resistance Phenomena

Bed Bugs are Increasingly Resistant to Pesticides
Bed Bugs are Increasingly Resistant to Pesticides

Bed bug problems are on the rise in the NJ area and around the USA thanks to these pests’ ability to resist common sprays. Researchers found that bed bugs have developed resistance to sprays that contain neonicotinoids, which are the most common chemicals used in insecticides.

Increased Resistance to Insecticides

Scientists discovered that bed bugs are increasingly able to survive exposure to neonicotinoids, making it much more difficult to eradicate these pests. In terms of concentration levels, researchers found that the effective dose has increased by up to 1,000 times. This has led scientists to push for bed bug eradication measures that focus on using non-chemical methods.

Bed bugs in the 1940s and 1950s were typically killed with DDT and other kinds of insecticides with powerful chemicals. However, these pests developed a resistance to these chemicals, as well as the follow-on chemical, pyrethroid, that was successful for a while. Over the years, bed bugs have continued to evolve a resistance to new chemicals that were developed, produced, and then in turn had a relatively short term of success.

Our NJ bed bug specialists are one step ahead of these pests. Our methods don’t rely on chemicals to get rid of bed bugs.

Take steps to prevent your business from having to deal with a bed bug invasion. Our NJ bed bug specialists can make sure your business is well-protected from these pests all year round.

New Bed Bug Tactics Emerge as the Best Weapons for Control

The Cryonite Machine
The Cryonite Machine

Bed bugs – for something so small, they pack a wallop when they infest an area and turn you into their favorite dining venue featuring an ongoing tasty buffet.

Their bites leave red, itchy, scratchy welts and for some, it can mean an allergic reaction. Either way, bed bugs have a bad reputation and they’re not something you want in or around homes or businesses.

Bed bugs are difficult to see, much less find, because they get into cracks and crevices, picture frames, desk drawers, light fixtures, baseboards, and headboards, as well as mattresses and curtains. Because of this, chances are slim to none that spraying with over-the-counter products, or excessive vacuuming, will find, and eradicate, the last bed bug standing.

Several weapons are currently in use to fight the increase in bed bug population such as freeze-drying using Cryonite, trained K-9 bed bug sniffing canines, using mattress covers and box spring encasements, and extreme heat applied to each room.

Each of these methods has its pluses in removal of a bed bug infestation, and while they can be costly with prices ranging from $200 an hour to $500 to $1000 per room, using professional pest control services is the best option.

At Stern Environmental Group, we’re locked and loaded with the latest products, methods, and technology to remove unfriendly intruders. Call us and as we like to say, “let us get Stern with your pests.”