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Bed Bug Detection Dogs Better than High Technology

Ekko is the name of a Parson Russell terrier that has been trained to find odious bed bugs. His owner/trainer keeps bed bugs in small vials in his house so Ekko can practice finding hidden bed bugs. His owner, Andrew Farago stated that “Ekko smells bedbugs. Everything has an odor and if it has an odor you can teach the dog to find it.”

Farago stated he allows the training bed bugs to suck blood out of his arm every couple of weeks to keep them alive. The world is full of high technology but it only takes seconds for the bed bug detection dog, Ekko to find bedbugs.

Most residents of New York City realize it’s very difficult to find bed bugs. New York City bed bugs can hide almost anywhere. Properly trained New Jersey and New York City bed bug detection dogs are in high demand from homeowners and hotel owners. Finding all the bed bug hiding locations is very important before using a bed bug exterminating procedure.

Industrial Pesticides Used in Homes to Destroy Bed Bugs?

Yes, bed bugs are a significant problem in New Jersey and New York City but they are also a problem in the state of Ohio. The state of Ohio is requesting that the Federal government allow the usage of an industrial pesticide in homes in order to kill the odious bed bugs. Just in Franklin County, Ohio about 70 percent of the hotels have had bed bug infestations. No, they didn’t relocate bed bug infested New York City hotels to Ohio.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture is asking for an emergency exemption in order to use Propoxur which is utilized in commercial buildings and in flea collars for pets. Propoxur was very effective in killing bed bugs in tests performed at the University of Kentucky.

Dr. Pollack, a public health entomologist at Harvard University stated that “If used wisely and against the right kind of pest I think it will probably offer far more benefit than risk.”

If you think you might have bed bugs in New Jersey or New York City, trained bed bug detection dogs are great at finding the horrible insects.