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Metro Addresses Issue of Bed Bugs on Buses in the City

Metro Addresses Issue of Bed Bugs on Buses in the City
Metro Addresses Issue of Bed Bugs on Buses in the City

As bed bugs continue their infiltration into the lives of New Yorkers, more and more services are being affected, creating a NJ pest control nightmare. Even buses are being taken out of service and quarantined in NYC’s efforts to stop the spread of this pervasive pest.

Are You Bringing Home Bed Bugs from Buses?

Imagine returning home to see bites on yourself or your children, not knowing they’ve potentially come from your stint on the city bus.

How are MTA Officials Handling these Potential Infestations?

When drivers report the potential presence of these pests, the buses are flagged, taken out of commission, and quarantined until deemed clear. Though Union leaders say the presence of bed bugs on buses is unusual, it’s not unheard of.

Despite Concerns, MTA Downplays Reports

To date, the MTA has insisted there have been no confirmed cases of bed bugs on NYC buses, and measures are merely precautionary. The regular cleaning and plastic seats of buses are purported to be a harsh environment for the pests.

All buses reported to have potential infestations were quarantined, inspected, and given the all-clear. The MTA is insisting reports of bed bugs were false alarms and the buses were returned to service.

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Bed Bug Populations Grow Amazingly Fast

Residents in New Jersey and New York City that have a bed bug infestation would be wise to get the infestation professionally taken care of as soon as possible. They won’t leave if you shout at them.

It takes bed bugs only two weeks to grow up. Each female is able to lay about 500 bed bug eggs. The babies then grow up and all the females can lay 500 eggs and the cycle repeats and soon it becomes a major bed bug infestation. Major bed bug infestations are difficult to eliminate and the bed bug pest control treatments become expensive.

One bed bug exterminator treated a house for a homeowner that didn’t get pest control treatments for eight months. The pest control expert had to drill holes in the walls and bed bugs were living in the light fixtures and all over the house. New Jersey and New York City bed bugs make lousy pets; the wise choice is to get rid of them as soon as they are spotted.

Banned Pesticides to Fight Bed Bugs?

According to an article at treehugger.com the EPA is considering allowing the use of banned chemicals to fight bed bugs, including DDT which was banned in the 1970’s but was effective at killing bed bugs.

The state of Ohio’s Department of Agriculture is asking for an emergency exemption so they can use the insecticide known as Propoxur in homes to kill bed bugs. Propuxur is used in commercial buildings. According to the Columbus Dispatch over a dozen states are supporting the exemption that has been asked for by Ohio.

Should the EPA allow previously banned chemicals to be used to fight bed bugs? It would be interesting to see the results of a survey performed in New Jersey, New York City, Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn on the issue of bed bugs and banned insecticides. New York City bed bugs are not popular. 

New Jersey and New York City residents can destroy bed bug infestations by using New Jersey and New York City bed bugs pest control services which are ready to help.

Industrial Pesticides Used in Homes to Destroy Bed Bugs?

Yes, bed bugs are a significant problem in New Jersey and New York City but they are also a problem in the state of Ohio. The state of Ohio is requesting that the Federal government allow the usage of an industrial pesticide in homes in order to kill the odious bed bugs. Just in Franklin County, Ohio about 70 percent of the hotels have had bed bug infestations. No, they didn’t relocate bed bug infested New York City hotels to Ohio.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture is asking for an emergency exemption in order to use Propoxur which is utilized in commercial buildings and in flea collars for pets. Propoxur was very effective in killing bed bugs in tests performed at the University of Kentucky.

Dr. Pollack, a public health entomologist at Harvard University stated that “If used wisely and against the right kind of pest I think it will probably offer far more benefit than risk.”

If you think you might have bed bugs in New Jersey or New York City, trained bed bug detection dogs are great at finding the horrible insects.

New York City Bed Bugs: Needs the Nation’s Assistance

Bed bugs are a serious problem in New Jersey, New York City and all over the nation. Some experts suggest that a stronger effort to get rid of the odious bed bugs needs to happen all over the nation. Laws and regulations need to be updated and a plan which offers a coordinated response would be very beneficial.

Let’s say something outrageously amazing happens and all the New York City bed bugs have simply vanished. All the bed bug detection dogs concur even the Beagles. Euphoria would occur in New York City. However, if a small town in Montana, that shall go unnamed, does not have a smart bed bug plan or strong bed bug laws and regulations then a family from this Montana town could visit New York City and accidentally bring some bed bugs with them. Soon the bed bugs problem happens all over again in New York City.

If you live in New Jersey or New York City and you think you have bed bugs let a New Jersey, New York City bed bugs pest control professional get rid of the insects.