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There is Legal Recourse When Pests Make Your Hotel Stay Miserable

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There is Legal Recourse for You to Consider.

Whether you stay in a hotel for business or vacation, one of the worst possible experiences is finding bed bugs in your room. If you end up being bitten by these pests or having to get rid of belongings due to an infestation, what kind of legal help can you expect?

Pending Case in Atlantic City

It’s not unheard of for people to seek legal recourse for a bed bug encounter at a hotel. In fact, a case that is currently pending in court involves a resort in Atlantic City. A guest is suing the resort after she and a friend were bitten by bed bugs during their stay. The plaintiff is accusing the resort of failing to take the necessary steps to prevent bed bug infestations, such as training employees on detecting and reporting them, which caused her physical and emotional distress.

Bed Bug Tips

If you discover bed bugs in your hotel room, our NYC bed bug specialists want you to know that it’s important to report them right away and ask for a different room. Keep in mind that you should thoroughly check your suitcases and other belongings before leaving to make sure you don’t bring bed bugs home.

If you need help from NYC bed bug specialists, give Stern Environmental Group a call. We provide safe and reliable bed bug services in the NYC area.

Tips on Handling a Home Infestation of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs: A Homeowner's Nightmare
Bed Bugs: A Homeowner’s Nightmare

Bed bugs are a homeowner’s worst nightmare as these blood-sucking pests are inventive in their modes of travel and their hiding places. As some people may think, based on the bug’s name, they are found in many hiding places in and around bedding.

Small crevices in places behind baseboards, in a headboard, packed boxes, or lounging behind the headboard are just a few places they are found. At night, they make their way to the buffet table, which is you, for a satisfying meal.

Tips for Infestations

If you find evidence of bed bugs such as blood specks on the bedding, bug excrement, or multiple red and itching welts on your body, it’s time to take action to rid your home of these pesky intruders.

• Purchase specially designed bed bug covers for your bedding.

• Thoroughly clean infected areas by packing up infected clothing, toys, etc. in garbage bags and throwing them away.

• For those renting an apartment or condo, contact the landlord immediately.

• You can also notify the housing department for your city.

• Contact a NYC bed bug exterminator for an inspection and treatment options.

At Stern Environmental Group, bed bud infestations are just one of the many areas our NYC bed bug exterminator specialists handle on a daily basis.

Call our office at your earliest convenience to make an appointment for a bed bug inspection and treatment plan to ensure a bug free home.

Bed Bugs Found in Princeton University Dorms

The discovery of bed bugs at Princeton University gives credence to bed bugs’ reputation as equal opportunity pests. These small blood-sucking pests cross social, economic and cultural barriers. They are as likely to be found in tony Princeton dorm rooms as homeless shelters. The discovery of bed bug infestations in two Princeton University dorm rooms reported by NJ.com earlier this month merely proves the point.

Unlike many other insects, bed bugs are not attracted by filth or food scraps. When bed bugs are found, the common denominator is human blood. Bed bugs feed on human blood, typically at night when their meal ticket (you!) is fast asleep. When bed bugs latch on, they may feed for 5 to 10 minutes at a time. Like ticks, bed bugs grow in size as they feed; their color becoming redder and darker as blood fills their bodies.

Most people don’t wake up when bitten by a bed bug because these insects inject a numbing agent as they insert their proboscis. The intense itching associated with their mosquito-like bites doesn’t usually start until the victim wakes up in the morning. However, because only 50% of victims react to bed bug bites, you could be on the menu and never know it!

Getting rid of bed bugs is a job for licensed pest control professionals that have significant experience in bed bug extermination.

Plainfield, NJ Senior Complex Overrun by Bed Bugs, Cockroaches

On its website, the city of Plainfield, New Jersey in Union County bills itself as “a suburban treasure,” nothing that it attracts “people from many different lifestyles and backgrounds” who enjoy friendly, small town life. Unfortunately for residents of Richmond Towers, the city’s housing complex for low-income seniors, Plainfield also attracts bed bugs and cockroaches.

Operated by the Housing Authority of Plainfield, the 12-story senior housing complex is overrun by bed bugs and cockroaches, according to NJ.com. While admitting that some work orders may have been missed, building management said they have exterminated for bed bugs several times but can’t seem to get ahead of the infestation and speculated that residents may be bringing bed bugs into the building from senior centers.

The problems at Richmond Towers illustrate the difficult of exterminating bed bugs and cockroaches in apartment buildings. Building management typically relies on residents to prepare their apartments for treatment and clean their clothing and possessions to remove bed bugs and their eggs, an overwhelming task for many residents. If eggs or bugs are missed during cleaning and treatment, infestations can regrow quickly.

It takes persistence, a joint effort between management and residents and an expert licensed New Jersey bed bug exterminator to rid multi-family housing units of bed bugs. Cryonite offers a 2-for-1 punch, killing bed bugs and cockroaches instantly and safely. Visit our website to find out more.

Report Shows Bed Bugs Are Spreading to Smaller Towns

Fewer news reports of bed bug infestations have lulled many people into believing that America is winning the bed bug battle. However, a new survey by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) indicates that not only do bed bugs still have the upper hand; but they are expanding the battlefield into small towns and rural areas.

Conducted by the NPMA and University of Kentucky, the 2013 Bed Bug Survey of U.S. pest control professionals found that nearly all had treated bed bug infestations in the past year with 72% indicating an increase in bed bug activity in their region. Nearly all pest control firms surveyed had treated residential bed bug infestations in single-family homes, apartments and/or condominiums.

Commercial facilities with a high incidence of bed bug infestations included:

  • 79% hotels and motels
  • 47% college dorms
  • 47% shelters
  • 46% nursing homes
  • 41% school and day care centers
  • 36% office buildings
  • 33% hospitals
  • 25% doctor offices and outpatient clinics
  • 21% transportation services (trains, buses, taxis)
  • 15% retail stores
  • 12% libraries
  • 10% movie theaters

Consumers need to maintain their vigilance and watch for signs of bed bugs, especially now with schools starting and students returning to college campuses. Call Stern Environmental for bed bug information and expert bed bug extermination in New York City and northern New Jersey.