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Bed Bug Bites – The Itch That Keeps On Itching

bed bug bitesMost experts agree that bed bugs bites are not dangerous to humans.  There are however many scientists around the country who are investigating bed bugs to make sure that they are not transmitting dangerous pathogens onto humans. Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of having bed bug bites will tell you that they are annoying and very uncomfortable to deal with.

Because the itching associated with bed bug bites are allergic reactions, the subsequent welts and burning left behind can vary just as much as people do.  Some people can be bitten by bed bugs and never know it and never suffer any reaction from the bites.  Some people can be bitten by bed bugs and suffer terribly with horrible itching that could drive you nearly insane.

Bed bug bites can look like dark red spots, pink spots, or even white colored spots that look like blisters.  They can be in clusters, in singles, or lines up and down your body.  Bed bugs are indiscriminate feeders so any area of exposed skin is a good feeding spot for them.  The girl in the photo received these bed bug bites on her back after sleeping in an apartment only one night!

If bed bugs have come to dinner at your NYC or New Jersey home, call a pest control specialist who knows how to get rid of bed bugs before they start raising a huge family in your nice home.

News From Our Treasured Customers

At Stern Environmental Group we always strive to provide the best possible service to our customers.  We love to hear feedback of your experience with our company whenever you get a chance.  Feel free to write us about your personal experience and we will gladly post your letter onto our website for all to see.

We recently received this email from one of our wonderful customers…

“Bedbugs make you feel like you are out of control of the most elemental thing–your own environment. They creep into your room unwanted and attack you in your sleep. Okay, they aren’t lethal. They are not cancer or heart disease or flood or famine, but they are pestilence, and they are…awful. They make me feel like I am losing my mind. Which is where you come in. If it were not for you, I don’t know how we would have come through this or how we would negotiate the future. Your unflappable calm and gentle presence over the phone is as effective an exterminator of the mental misery that accompanies the infestation as the cryonics is for the bedbugs. I can’t find enough words to tell you have grateful I am for your support–may I say, friendship—throughout this process. Perhaps the guys would have eradicated the bedbugs without you, but you saved my life and sanity (such as it is at the moment). I am forever in your debt. The speed with which you marshaled the services I needed, the professionalism of every person I met who is connected with Stern…everything is designed to limit the damage of the situation. Wilson is an angel, and the team of dog-trainers is amazing. Each person is as nice as the person before. If the house is being invaded by bugs, the humans are fantastic. I am ever grateful. And I appreciate your concern for and advice about preventative  maintenance.  Bless you, Jane”

At Stern we do recognize that bed bugs can not only affect you physically by causing painful and itchy spots, but they also can take a toll on your emotional well being.  We are glad to provide the most up-to-date products and services to our customers, and our top-notch staff truly loves serving the people that they work with.

Feel free to stop by our “Testimonials From Stern Environmental Group Customers” page to read what more of our treasured customers have to say about us!

Bed Bugs found at an NJ School

bed-bugsA Jersey City school reported a bed bug was found on a student and so they sent him to Australia. Well, actually they sprayed the school for bed bugs and probably let the student go home. A school representative reports they have not found any other NJ bed bugs at the school but to be on the safe side they sprayed the school’s first floor since that was supposedly the only floor the child was on. However, bed bugs spread very easily through walls and are excellent travelers due to their clever hitchhiking capabilities. Perhaps they should have a bed bugs sniffing dog check out the entire school.

A spokeswomen for the Jersey City Public Schools stated that to her knowledge no other schools had been sprayed to eliminate bed bugs. What was really surprising about her comments was that she also stated that school officials haven’t been told to look for bed bugs. NJ has bed bugs and with all the kids coming to school and going home it’s easy for a big bed bugs infestation to occur even if the bed bugs population just begins with a very small group. One female bed bug can lay about 500 eggs.

Ask a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control expert to destroy the bed bugs.

Are Foggers On The Way Out?

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation announced in October of 2008 that they were going to reclassify Total Release Foggers, a.k.a. bug bombs.  The new classification would have bug bombs become a “restricted use” product.  If bugs bombs were to be reclassified, than the general public would no longer be able to obtain them for personal use.  These pesticides would still be available to licensed exterminators though.

New studies have shown that bug bombs are posing health risks and acute illnesses from pesticide exposure in people who have used them.  Many of the medical issues that people have encountered are due to the fact that too many bug bombs were administered at one time or proper ventilation procedures were not followed after the bug bombs were used.  Some health problems have also been noted in buildings where shared venting systems were in place, as the chemicals were transported through the air.  Additionally, some people are just generally more susceptible to pesticide poisoning.  Bug bombs have even been known to explode upon use.

Although bug bombs may work well for some insects, bug bombs are not a good way to treat for bed bug infestations.  They are known to make bed bugs scatter and spread infestations into adjoining rooms.  When you live in a multi-unit building and use a bug bomb, bed bugs will quickly spread and become a problem for your neighbor.

The Department of Environmental Conservation is currently reversing themselves on this issue.  They have received requests from some groups asking that bug bombs not be removed from the hands of consumers.  You have to wonder how many more people need to become sick or injured before they will take notice.

The best treatment of bed bugs can be found by using a bed bug specialist.

NJ Bed Bugs and who Pays the Costs

In Jersey City, landlords are only required to pay for two bed bug treatments. If the NJ bed bugs manage to survive or a fresh batch enter the apartment unit the tenant either has to pay for an additional treatment or have a gang of unwanted guests for quite a long time. The problem gets worse because if the tenant refuses to pay for another treatment then the little critters will spread all over the NJ apartment building.

Also, what happens if a tenant acts responsibly and informs the landlord of the bed bugs problem and the landlord pay for two treatments. A month later the bed bugs return and the NJ tenant pays for the third treatment. The bed bugs are now gone and the tenant has been enjoying his bed bug free apartment for several months. A new neighbor moves in with bed bugs infested furniture and the bed bugs eventually end up in the responsible tenant’s apartment. He will now have to pay for another treatment, perhaps three due to the irresponsibility of the new neighbor. It doesn’t seem fair.

All comments and bed bugs stories are welcome. If you have bed bugs ask a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control expert to destroy them.