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NYC Has Gone To The Dogs…Watch Out NYC Bed Bugs!

Dogs have powerful olfactory abilities.  For years, the noses of dogs have been used to help humans in a wide variety of tasks.  Dogs are being used to sniff out missing persons, drugs, bombs, weapons, arson, mold, termites, and most recently as bed bug detectors.  They boast amazing accuracy, from 96 to 98 percent in finding bed bug infestations.  Like other types of detection dogs, bed bug sniffing dogs undergo rigorous training prior to being placed in the line of duty.  Once they begin work, they require daily training to keep their skills honed.

They are cute and cuddly and have names like Disney characters, and they are a new force to be reckoned with in New York City.  Two new beagles, with a powerful nose, and a will to please, have joined the fray of the Department of Housing Preservation and Development last week.  These well-trained pups are the new additions that will help Code Enforcement uncover New York City bed bug infestations throughout the city.

According to Reuters on November 18, 2011, the cost to acquire the bed bug sniffing dogs were $69,000 which covers “six months of training and pay for their continued schooling, veterinary care and insurance, and food and housing for their first year of service.”  Reports are the each dog and their handler will perform up to twelve inspections per day.  On their first day on the job, three violations to landlords were handed out.

You may read the article here.

Bed bug sniffing dog inspections are fast and accurate.  While human inspections for bed bugs are good, it can be several hours to complete an inspection thoroughly.  Bed bug dogs are able to breeze through any inspection in a short period of time.  If the dog finds bed bugs, their eggs, fecal matter, or bed bug skins, these amazing dogs will alert their handler to the location of the critters so that you will know exactly where treatment is needed.

Stern Environmental Group is proud to offer bed bug sniffing dog services to our customers as well.  We provide highly trained bed bug canine services to New York City, New York, and New Jersey.

Thermal Heat Treatment Will Kill Bed Bugs And Their Eggs! Part 2 Of 2

Continuing from Wednesday…

Stern Environmental Group has been a leader in the fight against bed bugs in New York and New Jersey.  We are proud to be a company in the New York and New Jersey area to offer a Thermal Heat Remediation Trailer for killing your bed bug infestation.  Our heat treatment services were recently mentioned on BedBugger.com, which is a useful resource site for those who are suffering from New York City bed bug infestations as well as bed bugs across the United States.

The National Pest Management Association has stated that all stages of bed bugs and their eggs will be killed when they are exposed to temperatures that reach 122 degrees.  Here’s how it works…

• At 95 degrees, bed bugs leave their hiding places in search of a blood meal.

• When temperatures reach 105 degrees, bed bugs try to escape because the space becomes too hot.

• Leaving a room at 113 degrees will take 7 hours to kill bed bugs and their eggs.

• Leaving a room at 118 degrees will take 90 minutes to kill bed bugs and their eggs.

• Once the optimal temperature of 122 degrees is reached, bed bugs and their eggs will die a sudden death in less than a minute!

Stern Environmental Group offers customers the opportunity to bake bed bugs and their eggs in our portable heating trailer.  At 22 feet long, this amazing bed bug killing machine will safely kill bed bugs in most any type of furniture and personal belongings that you own.  Heat treatment is so effective that even bed bugs hiding deep inside of upholstered pieces of furniture do not stand a chance of survival against the extreme temperature.

Stern Environmental Group understands the difficulty involved with treating nasty bed bug infestations.  Our experienced movers will carefully remove your belongings into our special heat treatment trailer for quick bed bug eradication.  Call Stern today for expert NYC and NJ bed bug services.

Thermal Heat Treatment Will Kill Bed Bugs And Their Eggs! Part 1 Of 2

Bed bugs are a difficult pest to eradicate under the best of circumstances.  Do-it-yourselfers can try over and over to rid their homes of these pests with store bought remedies only to find that the bed bugs are able to return with a vengeance night after night.  Store bought chemicals have proven to only give minor relief from bed bugs, which has caused many people to over-use the pesticides despite the manufacturers warnings.  As a result, many people have become seriously ill because of the misuse.

Recent studies have shown that bed bugs have become resistant to many types of pesticides that are available to pest control professionals.  Other studies have shown that bed bugs have been able to alter their exoskeleton so that pesticides are not able to make penetration.  It seems that as fast as scientists are developing ways to combat these little vampires, the bed bugs are re-inventing themselves so that they can continue to exist and torture mankind.

There is finally some hope for home and business owners who are tired of relying solely on chemical treatments to kill bed bugs.   New York and New Jersey pest control professionals report that thermal heat remediation is one of the newest and most promising ways to treat stubborn bed bug infestations.  Heat treatment is an effective solution to treat insecticide resistant bed bugs that are lurking in your personal belongings.  Heat remediation treatment is cutting edge technology that uses extreme heat to kill all stages of the nasty bed bugs that are infesting your property.  Thermal heat remediation is an excellent choice for people living in single family homes, apartments, college dorms, and condos.  Business such as hotels, office buildings, retail stores, property management companies, hospitals or any other facility that finds themselves under siege of bloodsucking bed bugs will also benefit from thermal heat treatment services.

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The Misuse of Bed Bug Pesticides Kills 1, Injures 80!

It is widely believed by health officials that bed bugs, despite their bloodsucking ways, are just a nuisance pest because they do not transmit diseases like other known bloodsuckers.  Most health officials do not discount the emotional and psychological effects associated with having encounters with bed bugs.  Many people report sleepless nights and anxiety that can last long after the creepy crawlers have left the building.

According to the a report in the Wall Street Journal on September 22, 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently collected data regarding  consumers use of bed bug insecticides.  Information was collected from twelve states with reports of consumer problems coming in from California, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, New York, Texas and Washington.

In this small collection of states that participated, what was discovered is that 80 consumers have become ill and one person has died due to the misuse of over-the-counter pesticides.  The data collected covers the time period of 2003, which is when the resurgence of bed bugs occurred, through 2010.  According to reports, more than half of the illnesses came from New York and most illnesses occurred in the last few years.  The study revealed that 80% of the illnesses were considered to be mild, which included symptoms of dizziness, breathing problems, headaches, nausea, and vomiting.  The CDC believes that it is likely that there are many other cases that have gone unreported in many states, so the percentages could actually be much higher.

You may read the article here.

Despite the amount of people reportedly becoming ill, the CDC does not consider the issue to be a major public health threat.

Federal health officials are warning consumers to be extremely careful when using over-the-counter pesticides.  Because of the dangers to humans and pets, they are urging consumers to contact a licensed pest control expert instead of attempting to treat bed bug infestations on their own.

Rutgers University Receives Grant Money To Help Combat NJ Bed Bug Infestations

As promised a few months ago, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has begun to issue grant money to help combat bed bugs in the United States.  To date, the EPA had awarded $550,000 in grants to five recipients in various areas of the country where bed bug infestations are high, but resources to fight the bloodsuckers are limited.  According to the EPA, the main goal of the grant money is to provide education about combating the critters that are plaguing so many low income residents.

New Jersey pest control experts agree that education and awareness about bed bug detection, lifecycle, avoidance, and treatment preparation and procedures are key components in fighting these pests.  In New Jersey as well as many other parts of the United States, bed bug infestations have caused serious economic burdens for many lower income communities.  NJ pest control experts think that New Jersey bed bug infestations are even more challenging because New Jersey has the highest population density in the United States.

Over the next nineteen months, the Environmental Protection Agency will provide Rutgers University with $99,688 so that it can implement a bed bug educational outreach program in New Jersey.  The beneficial program will benefit at least 50 low income communities within the state.  In addition, the grant money will be used to set up a model Integrated Pest Management program at an affordable housing community in Jersey City, NJ.  The model will focus on a variety of safe and effective bed bug alternatives.  The program will include the use of low-toxicity insecticides, non-chemical control practices, and early detection education to help end the spread of bed bug infestations within the state. 

NJ pest control professionals agree that educating yourself on how to avoid a NJ bed bug infestation is absolutely crucial, but because of their sneaky behavior and ability to hitchhike from anyplace humans frequent, you may still find yourself infested at some point in time.  You can eliminate a bed bug infestation during its early stages by hiring a NJ pest control professional at the first sign of the bugs!