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Should You Consider Green Pest Control Services for Your Commercial Property?

Should You Consider Green Pest Control Services for Your Commercial Property?
Should You Consider Green Pest Control Services for Your Commercial Property?

You’re Looking Green!

The wave of the future is approaching and it’s definitely green! If you own a business, our NJ Pest Control green experts at Stern Environmental will strive to ensure pests are gone in an environmentally friendly manner. You can’t stop progress, but you certainly can facilitate it!

Safety- It’s Our Color

We eliminate the source rather than using harmful chemicals to pillage and plunder. Our Integrated Pest Management Techniques include no intense toxic substances because we focus on controlling food sites, access points, and low toxicity solutions. We pinpoint what attracts pests, then come up with a reliable plan of action to combat the invading horde.

Healthy Living

Educational areas, home centers for the elderly, and various other establishments that house young and old are considering green solutions. Our NJ Pest Control addresses their unique needs and concerns with a professionalism dedicated to their well-being.

Particularly vulnerable people with weak or compromised immune systems need to steer clear of harmful chemicals. We use green methods combined with every evolving technology available to protect your best interests and the health of those you love.

A Greener Perspective

Peer through the eyes of the experts to see what green techniques could mean for you. Going green and facilitating safe areas are what we at Stern Environmental do best! If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment click here now!

Restaurant Owners – These Beetles Love to Destroy Your Food Stores

Sit Back and Relax When Your Restaurant Gets the Pest Control Help It Needs to Keep Your Business on Track.
Sit Back and Relax When Your Restaurant Gets the Pest Control Help It Needs to Keep Your Business on Track.

When you hear about the beetles invading, it’s not a step back in time to the singing group, it’s the insect kind that marches to its own beat.

Cigarette and Drugstore Beetles

Cigarette and drugstore beetles are common pests found in tropical and subtropical regions and have a reputation for their propensity for stored products. This includes a wide range of items including spices, grains, seeds, dried fruits, tobacco, beans, nuts, and more.

Adult beetles are adept at getting into stored food as well as the newly hatched babies that can get into packages through small pinpoint holes and even get into spices with lids. This can be especially problematic for businesses that prepare food and why a NJ restaurant pest control service is necessary to treat the area.

Female beetles are active and lay close to 100 eggs. This can take anywhere from 6 days to 20 days. Development of the babies can take from around three weeks to over 100 days and depends on temperature and food sources.

Depending on the number of females in one area and the hundreds of eggs being developed, it’s easy to understand how an infestation can occur. When this happens, stored food packages must be checked for beetles and if found, products must be discarded.

When dealing with an infestation, contact Stern Environment for fast and effective help from a professional NJ restaurant pest control service.

German Cockroach Gut Bacteria Encourages Grouping and Colonies

Setting Up House: Cockroaches Create Their Own "Neighborhoods"
Setting Up House: Cockroaches Create Their Own “Neighborhoods”

They’re creepy and crawly, and they like to get in everyone’s business from chewing through boxed containers of food to running amuck across counter tops in the kitchen. The disrespecting culprit is the infamous cockroach.

Cockroach and Bacteria

A study at North Carolina State University had interesting results that could lead to the development of stronger and more efficient baits and traps to stop cockroaches in their tracks.

This study involved bacteria found in the gut of German cockroaches. The findings determined that gut bacteria produced fatty acids that result in pheromones being produced in the bug’s feces. The pheromones then work as an attractive scent that is irresistible to other roaches. This draws the roaches together, which is important especially for nymphs who need a safe place.

The feces contained different chemical compounds; 40 in all. What the researchers found was that feces not containing the gut bacteria lacked the majority of the compounds and had only small amounts in the remaining group.

What this means to pest researchers developing treatments for companies with NJ cockroach exterminator specialists is the ability to create more effective products that can be blended to address a variety of roach groups depending on individual environments.

When you’re in need of NJ cockroach exterminator specialists, just give us a call at Stern Environmental. We have experienced technicians with the tools and treatments required to make your property bug free.