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Professional Pest Exterminators Get to the Root of Your Pest Problem

Choose The Safe Solution That's Guaranteed to Work
Choose The Safe Solution That’s Guaranteed to Work

You want your business to operate as efficiently as possible and you’re mindful of costs in all matters. It may be tempting to opt for some do-it-yourself solutions when it comes to eliminating pests. However, that approach can end up costing you more in the long run, without getting to the root of your pest problem.

Why not hire a professional NJ pest control expert and consult with them on the best prevention program for your business?

Consider the health of your customers and employees

Pests bring with them elevated risks of disease for anyone who enters an infested building. The droppings and body body parts of cockroaches are especially troublesome to people who already have health issues like asthma. Cockroaches carry E coli and salmonella on their bodies and can easily spread these viruses on surfaces in food areas and counter tops.

Many off-the-shelf treatments contain chemicals that harm people and pets as well as the pests you are hoping to eliminate. Using these methods require you to take time to read the small print and then follow all necessary procedures for usage.

The NJ pest control professionals at Stern Environmental are trained in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques that ensure the safety of your employees and customers. We develop a plan to keep pests out of your business. Contact us today for a consultation and service plan tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Moth Flies May Be Vector for Disease in Hospitals

A new insect threat has been identified that poses potential disease contamination problems for greater New York City and northern New Jersey hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities, the National Pest Management Association warned recently.  New German research has identified moth flies as a possible mechanical vector for bacterial pathogens linked to nosocomial infections. In plain language, moth flies may transmit harmful bacteria between patients in hospital and other communal medical environments.

Also known as drain flies, filter flies and sewage flies, moth flies are a common structural pest with a worldwide range. Commonly found flying around drain pipes, garbage containers and sewage disposal sites, these flies breed and develop in the gelatinous scum of decaying organic matter that lines drain and sewage pipes.

To determine whether moth flies could transmit and spread disease, two German scientists collected moth fly specimens from four hospitals infested by the insect. In the exoskeletons of the collected specimens, they were able to identify 45 different species of bacteria from 40 genera, including one drug-resistant strain of bacteria. Study results were published in the Journal of Hospital Infection earlier this year.

The discovery of a new vector for bacterial disease points out the importance of practicing good sanitary procedures in hospitals and other patient-care facilities, as well as the need for expert commercial pest control and pest management services in these facilities.

Cockroaches, Rats Found at NYC School Cafeterias

Your children aren’t the only ones grabbing lunch at New York City school cafeterias. Rats and cockroaches may also be feasting on cafeteria mac and cheese and hot dogs. In an NBC New York review of health code violations, most city school cafeterias passed periodic health inspections with flying colors. However, some city schools, including public schools in Bushwick, Harlem, Bensonhurst and Far Rockaway, were cited by the public health department for rats in the food area, cockroaches, flying insects, liquid waste, contaminated food, inadequate hand-washing facilities and other stomach-churning violations.

A number of the schools took responsible action and received passing marks when reinspected, but a few schools (NBC singled out Bensonhurst and Far Rockaway)  actually fared worse on repeat inspections. When interviewed by NBC, parents of students expressed “shock” and “horror.”

Mice, rats and cockroaches are persistent problems in large metropolitan areas like New York City. These noxious pests carry and spread dangerous diseases and their feces and dried droppings can cause serious health problems, including childhood asthma and deadly Hanta virus.

Stern Environmental provides expert commercial rat and mouse exterminating services and superior  commercial cockroach control services. Introduced to fight bed bugs, our cutting-edge Cryonite insect treatment system has proved to also offer extremely effective, non-toxic extermination of cockroaches and other insects.

When pests invade, call Stern Environmental for fast and effective action.

Termites Invade 1 in 5 NY-NJ Buildings Annually

One in five building in New York and New Jersey will be invaded by wood-eating termites this year. Termites cause $5 billion damage to U.S. property every year, according to National Pest Management Association estimates. A small colony of Eastern subterranean termites, the species native to New York and New Jersey, can munch their way through a yard or more of pine 2×4 in a year. The problem is that most termite colonies are not small, but number in the millions, multiplying their destructive power.

Complicating the issue for commercial property owners is the fact that termites typically go unnoticed until colonies reach maturity and produce winged reproductives to expand the colony, a process that takes about 5 years. By the time business owners notice puddles of what look like winged ants milling around foundation plantings, termites may already have caused extensive damage to the wooden studs, joists, subflooring, door frames and trim of the commercial building. Termites will attack any wood they come in contact with, including concrete framework.

Including termite inspections in your annual commercial pest management services is the best way to protect your New York or New Jersey commercial property from termite damage. If you notice signs of termite activity — flyers, mud tubes on concrete walls or floors or piles of scale-like wings on windowsills — call Stern Environmental immediately for expert commercial termite extermination.