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Mysterious White Squirrel Causes a Sensation in Kentucky Town

White Squirrel Mania
White Squirrel Mania

You may think that if you have seen one squirrel you have seen them all, but the people in Bowling Green, Kentucky may beg to differ with NYC squirrel control.

Residents in Bowling Green are excited about unique members of their community, white squirrels. For years, the townspeople have increasingly embraced these adorable animals and celebrate them whenever possible.

The white squirrels of Bowling Green are a genetic morph of the common eastern gray squirrel and are usually quite rare, but there are a few towns across the United States that have a surplus, possibly due to fewer predators in the area and also if people tend to favor one color over the other, they may have a better chance of surviving and breeding.

White squirrels are easily spotted in the town, especially on the Western Kentucky University campus, where they know they are going to get some tasty snacks from employees, students or even visitors who have heard about these bright white creatures.

This phenomenon even caused WKU to create a brand-new mascot, Wally the White Squirrel, for their university sports teams, which has also generated incremental sales for baseball caps, clothing, water bottles and other items for the university that celebrate these little white squirrels.

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DIY Squirrel Removal – Are You Really Ready to Take It On?

Squirrel Control
Squirrel Control

Squirrels can be pests and if you have them in your attic, removing them may not be real easy. You can get rid of squirrels in your attic with the following tips, or you can contact your NJ squirrel control to help.

These methods are what experts find the most effective in taking care of a squirrel problem.

1. Exclusion:Start this method by sealing the attic. This includes patching holes, getting a chimney cap, covering vents and making sure any openings to your home are secure. Be sure to leave one hole. The next step is to create an exit. Make a sheet metal or mesh funnel and attach it to the one hole you left. The third step is to draw them out. You can do this by placing food outside the funnel.

2. Trapping: There are four steps to trapping. Those are set the right sort of trap, use the right sort of bait, relocate the squirrels after they are in the trap, and keep the traps up until all the squirrels are gone.

3. Repellents: There are many kinds of repellents that may work. You can scare them off with sound, such as a radio. Flashlights- you can leave the light on or install strobe lights. Commercial squirrel repellent, ammonia soaked rags and mothballs are all chemical ways that can all help, too.

If you have a squirrel problem, contact your NJ squirrel control today!