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Are NJ, NYC Ants Special?

Let’s hope NJ and NYC ants are ordinary insects and not the new species of ants recently found by German biologists in the Amazon rain forest.  According to the scientists the ants date back about 120 million years. They base this estimate on testimony from a really old guy living in the rain forest – well actually on ant DNA samples.

If they can survive the heat and dangers of the rain forest let’s hope they didn’t climb into the suitcase of a researcher that decides to visit NJ or NYC. 

The scientists hope the discovery of the new species of ants will provide an insight into the early evolution of ants. If they bring them over to Stern Environmental  the Stern guys will probably provide the scientists some insight into the modern techniques of ant destruction.

If they end up in your NJ or NYC kitchen (probably not) they look like a miniature wasp and are unique in the ant family. You might become envious when I tell you the ants were discovered while the scientists were fortunate enough to have the pleasure of investigating fungus. 

If you are invaded by ants of any variety call a NJ, NYC pest control professional.