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What to Do Right Now if You Think You Have Bed Bugs

What to Do Right Now if You Think You Have Bed Bugs
What to Do Right Now if You Think You Have Bed Bugs

Do you fear that bed bugs have infiltrated your home? Don’t wait to take action. Keep bed bugs at bay with these tips from your local NJ bed bug exterminator.

Don’t Assume

Because many bugs bite, bite marks aren’t necessarily indicative of the presence of bed bugs. Finding evidence is key.

Try Some Traps

Bed bugs feed off human blood. Check in close proximity to their source, such as under your box spring and mattress, to confirm their presence. If you don’t see any, try bed bug detectors and traps.

Quarantine Suspicious Items

Bed bugs are hitchhikers by nature. Quarantine and decontaminate suspected transport mechanisms such as luggage, backpacks, and jackets with a 10% bleach solution or insecticidal spray.

Be a Clean Freak

Steam clean and vacuum regularly, keeping containers clean and empty.

Prevent Further Infestation

Treatment can take weeks to months. Safeguard clothing, fabric, and furnishings by washing, drying, and sealing them in large bags.

Don’t Go It Alone

Horrified homeowners often try to treat bed bug problems themselves out of embarrassment. Unfortunately, this often leads to a worsening infestation. Bed bug insecticides are often used incorrectly. Even when correctly used, many pests have developed a resistance to these products. For this reason, city health officials recommend seeking out professional pest control for bed bug eradication.

Don’t let bed bugs take over your home. Evict them fast with the help of a skilled NJ bed bug exterminator. Contact Stern Environmental today.

Boric Acid is Not a Treatment Solution for Bed Bugs

Boric Acid is Not a Treatment Solution for Bed Bugs
Boric Acid is Not a Treatment Solution for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become the scourge of the pest population due to their dining habits, which include human blood. At one time, bed bugs were a more dormant species but in recent years, this mobile bug has become more problematic for cities around the world. This is due, in part, to more people traveling and the bed bugs stowing away in their luggage.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

If you ask any NJ pest control professional what the easiest way is to get rid of bed bugs using over-the-counter sprays, they’ll tell you there isn’t a bug spray that’s going to eliminate the bloodsuckers.

Recently, researchers at North Carolina State University conducted tests involving boric acid. The tests were by ingestion and by an external covering of boric acid dust.

The results concluded that when boric acid was ingested by the bed bugs, they expired quickly while the bed bugs that were subjected to a high dose of boric acid externally were minimally affected.

Their goal was to find a way to design an easy-to-use bait system based on boric acid to attract and eliminate bed bugs. In the meantime, if you’re seeing signs of bed bugs, such as stains on bedding as well as red itchy welts on your body, or if you just want to have your home checked, contact Stern Environmental for an inspection by an experienced NJ pest control specialist.

The NYC Guide to Bed Bugs – Part Two: Prevention

Bed Bug Prevention

Prevention is the key when it comes to keeping bed bugs away from your loved ones. These tiny pests can make their home anywhere and at any time. They aren’t choosy as long as there’s fresh blood available when they’re ready to feed.

Preventative Measures

While you may never see a bed bug because they’re nocturnal and the youngsters are nearly transparent, there are tell-tale signs the bloodsuckers are traversing your sheets at night, such as obvious bites, shell casings from shedding, and discolorations on bedding ranging from dark brown to black.

Here are a few tips and products a NYC bed bug specialist would consider good steps in helping prevent the pests.

1. Purchase bed-bug-proof encasements to cover your mattress and box spring sets.

2. Disposable box spring and mattress bags are also an option to keep bed bugs at bay.

3. Other products available through your NYC bed bug specialist include bed bug monitors, chemical traps, bed bug detection units, mattress, drawer, and luggage liners, travel bags, and bed bug heaters,

If you find that you have a bed bug issue, then the first thing that goes on your”to do” list is to contact an exterminator and schedule an inspection. The technician knows what to look for and will determine how severe your infestation is.

If you’re facing a bed bug dilemma, contact our experts at Stern Environmental to schedule an in-depth inspection.

The NYC Guide to Bed Bugs – Part One: Treatment

Bed Bugs are "Armoring" Themselves, so to Speak. Let Us Defend You!
Bed Bug Infestations

Being subjected to a bed bug infestation is not a situation to be taken likely. These parasitic bloodsuckers make life miserable once they’ve set up housekeeping in your home and targeted you as their main course.

Bed bugs are found anywhere, from schools and churches, to city buses and five-star hotels. They don’t discriminate. Their only interest is finding a good meal and they’ll hitch a ride on any mode of transportation.

Bed Bug Signs and What to Do

1. First and foremost, you’ll know if bed bugs are in your home if you find multiple itchy bites. In some cases, people experience bumps, hives and a rash. While bed bugs are not known to carry diseases, their bites are constant reminders that you have a problem.

2. Bed bugs are primarily night stalkers. Look for signs of the pests such as shells the bugs have shed, and black or brown stains on sheets, comforters, and the mattress.

3. Check behind outlet covers, points of entry on the bed frame such as tiny cracks, and along the seams of the mattresses.

4. Document what you find, then contact a NYC bed bug specialist for help.

The NYC bed bug specialist technicians at Stern Environmental are more than ready to take care of a pesky bed bug infestation. Contact our staff today about treatments and available preventive measures that ensure your property remains bed bug free.

Tips on Handling a Home Infestation of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs: A Homeowner's Nightmare
Bed Bugs: A Homeowner’s Nightmare

Bed bugs are a homeowner’s worst nightmare as these blood-sucking pests are inventive in their modes of travel and their hiding places. As some people may think, based on the bug’s name, they are found in many hiding places in and around bedding.

Small crevices in places behind baseboards, in a headboard, packed boxes, or lounging behind the headboard are just a few places they are found. At night, they make their way to the buffet table, which is you, for a satisfying meal.

Tips for Infestations

If you find evidence of bed bugs such as blood specks on the bedding, bug excrement, or multiple red and itching welts on your body, it’s time to take action to rid your home of these pesky intruders.

• Purchase specially designed bed bug covers for your bedding.

• Thoroughly clean infected areas by packing up infected clothing, toys, etc. in garbage bags and throwing them away.

• For those renting an apartment or condo, contact the landlord immediately.

• You can also notify the housing department for your city.

• Contact a NYC bed bug exterminator for an inspection and treatment options.

At Stern Environmental Group, bed bud infestations are just one of the many areas our NYC bed bug exterminator specialists handle on a daily basis.

Call our office at your earliest convenience to make an appointment for a bed bug inspection and treatment plan to ensure a bug free home.