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University of Cincinnati Studies Bed Bug Genome In Extermination Effort

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NYC Bed Bug Control

NYC bed bug control can be a nightmare, that’s why Dr. Joshua Benoit, Biological Sciences professor at UC, is working with a team of scientists on the International Bed Bug Genome Project. The hope? That determining the genetic makeup of the blood sucking pests will lead to an insecticide that eradicates the bed bugs once and for all.

According to the CDC, bed bugs were virtually wiped out in the 40s and 50s by DDT, later banned in the U.S. in 1972 and then worldwide in 2001 as part of the Stockholm Convention. The bothersome bugs have since developed a resistance to other alternative pesticides, returning in higher numbers. As a result, area health departments have been trying to educate citizens on NYC bed bug control measures, pointing to the importance of professional help in the event of infestations.

Don’t let the door hit ‘ya…
The pesky pests have little ecological value, and their population is growing at alarming rates, ramping up pressure on scientists to develop an effective – and permanent – way to kill them. To accomplish this, researchers are sequencing and examining the bed bug’s genome (its genetic blueprint) to study it and formulate a better solution than currently exists with today’s methods.

Luckily, until scientists work out a more permanent solution, Stern has you covered. Contact us and learn more about our effective and non-toxic Cryonite® treatments today.


It’s the Rapid Freezing Action that Causes Cryonite to Kill Bed Bugs

The Trouble With Waiting
Freeze Those Bed Bugs Away

They’re tiny, persistent, annoying, and cause incessant itching. They’re also tough and difficult to control without professional intervention. The pests carrying all these negative descriptions is the bed bug.

Once thought to be just for downtrodden and poor areas, the fact about these vicious blood suckers is they don’t care how much your home is worth or if you’re staying in a luxury 5-star hotel. Bed bugs have no boundaries and that makes them one of the most mobile pests in the world.

Suitcases, backpacks, garment bags, briefcases, and used furniture are some of the ways bed bugs are able to move freely from location to location. Once they set up housekeeping in a mattress, curtains, or behind walls, it’s only a matter of time before there’s an infestation.

One effective way Stern Environmental Group is fighting the battle against the pests is with Cryonite for bed bugs. A sure-fire freezing method developed in Europe, the product works using a carbon dioxide spray applied with patented tools that freeze the bugs. The product is quick and efficient as well as non-toxic and leaves no residue. The fast Cryonite for bed bugs treatment is “green” making it environment friendly.

If you’re facing the wrath of a bed bug infestation and need expert help, call or email us at Stern Environmental Group and we’ll put the freeze on the pests and halt them in their tiny tracks.

K9 Control Solves the Problem of Bed Bug Hysteria

Bed Bug Dogs to Save The Day

Who in their wildest imagination would ever think cute and cuddly canines would become a weapon against the ongoing battle against bloodsucking bed bugs. But it’s true.

Bed bugs have increased in population and becoming more than a pest for homes. They’ve expanded their territory significantly. Hotel rooms and transportation options are prime candidates for infestations for the simple reason there is a continuous flow of “carriers” such as luggage, brief cases, totes, or any other item where they can hide.

Unseen but leaving very visible bite marks, bed bugs are not always easy to detect. Enter the canine with its extremely sensitive nose that contains between 200-250 scent receptors. With such sensitive noses, chances of a bed bug hiding around the house is next to none.

If a canine was filling out a resume, its summary of experience would list benefits such as ultra sensitivity in sniffing out pests and the ability to do a thorough job from start to finish. It would also point out the loyalty factor in completing the job, and their honesty.

Canines are trained in the detection of finding the bugs in and around an area so you can follow up with pest control services.

At Stern Environmental Group, we have the technology, technicians, and tenacity, to ferret out and find pesky pests. Call or email us and let’s get the show on the road to bed bug removal.