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NYC DOS – Hot On The Trail To Issue Bedbug Fines

It was about the time that we were toddlers being told “no” by our mothers that it became apparent that we must try, if not just by a smidge, to thwart the proverbial rules that were being doled out.  Most people tend to outgrow the rule-breaking stage out of fear for the consequences that could occur.  Some people instead choose to break the rules and take their chances of not being caught.

Because of the wide-spread bed bug problem that has gripped the entire New York City area for the past several years, legislation was enacted that requires that any mattress, box spring, or sofa being placed curbside to be completely wrapped in plastic and sealed tight prior to the Department of Sanitation picking up said furniture pieces.  Even discarded bedding ensembles must be sealed in the same manner.

According to the article reported in the Gazette on February 15, 2012, New York City’s Department of Sanitation Inspectors mean business when comes to stopping the spread of bloodsucking bed bugs from place to place.

The article states that Department of Sanitation inspectors have issued 5,345 violations so far this year.  Landlords, superintendents, and homeowners who choose to not follow the new guidelines have been, and will be, smacked with a $100 fine for failing to properly seal their furniture before putting it curbside.

The Department of Sanitation Commissioner, John Doherty said “By strictly enforcing this rule, we are safeguarding our workers and helping to mitigate the spread of bed bugs.”  Absolutely!

Stern Environmental Group has mattress disposal bags that are specifically designed to seal any existing bed bugs in so that you can safely transport any mattress curbside without the worry of dropping bed bugs throughout your home.

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Queens, NY School Bitten By Bed Bugs

When bed bugs are found inhabiting a school, it is a rare occasion that you will find any school administrator referring to the critter or critters as an “infestation.”  Instead you will often hear that “one bed bug” was found or that it was found in an “isolated area” within the school.  That statement is always humorous to me because the area could not be too “isolated” or the bed bug would not have been found in the first place!

Some public school systems within the United States would like you to believe that bed bugs will not thrive in a school environment.  Not unlike any other location that you will find bed bugs, these little vampires will hitch a ride into the school via a student, teacher or administrator.  Backpacks, coats, hats, gloves, purses, laptop bags, and lunch boxes all serve as excellent transport vehicles for bed bugs.  Bed bugs can also hitch a ride in the folds of clothing that a person is wearing and drop off in a school at any moment in time.

Any bed bug could immediately climb up on their next victim or scurry off and hide in the area that it dropped off of its original host in.  Bed bugs can easily thrive within a school building because there are plenty of places for them to hide and an easy supply of blood sources available.  Left untreated by a licensed pest control professional, bed bugs will be able to multiply. It only takes one pregnant bed bug to cause a massive bed bug invasion.

On January 27, 2012, MyFox New York reported that the New York Department of Education Pest Control Unit confirmed that a bed bug was found at the Russel Sage Junior High School in Forest Hills.  The bed bug was found in the schools general office but reports from students are that they have also found bed bugs in the cafeteria and in classrooms at the school.  You may read the article here.

Avoiding bed bugs at school can be difficult.  Parents should be on high alert when bed bugs are present in their child’s school.  All items should be checked daily for bed bugs prior to them being brought into the school.  Clothing should be shaken out outdoors and immediately laundered to avoid bringing bed bugs inside the home.  Soft items can be placed in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes to kill any hitchhiking bed bugs or their eggs.  In the event that bed bugs are found in your home, it is wise to contact a licensed pest control professional to kill the bloodsuckers before the infestation rages out-of-control.

Bed Bugs Cause People To Do Crazy Things

Being on the dinner menu for bloodsucking parasites is an un-nerving proposition for most folks.  Once people realize that bed bugs are in their home, it is not uncommon for panic to set in.  Panic can lead to people to doing crazy things in an effort to not be bitten by bed bugs.  DanburyPatch reported on January 4, 2012, that a bed bug educational meeting was hosted for parents by the Danbury School system after they learned that a parent had washed their child’s hair in kerosene to kill bed bugs this fall!  You may read the article here.

In another story, WWMT.com reported that a Kalamazoo man accidentally caught his bedroom on fire and forced the evacuation of his apartment complex when he was looking bed bugs in his box spring.  According to the report, lacking a flashlight to investigate, the man used a lighter to look for bed bugs in his newly purchased box spring.  The lighter accidentally ignited the bed causing damage to his apartment. You may read the article here.

Desperate American’s have used bug bombs to try to kill bed bugs, which have proven to make them spread from room to room.  People have washed their children in gasoline and insecticides in an effort to avoid being bitten by bed bugs at night.  In addition, some people have even used outdoor pesticides indoors on their bedding and other areas in their home to try to kill the bloodsuckers.  These remedies have all proven to be dangerous and are not recommended by the CDC as they have made many people ill.

For NYC or NJ bed bug infestations, the best way for achieve full eradication is to hire a licensed pest control professional with extensive experience in bed bug removal services. For fast and accurate service in New York or New Jersey, contact Stern Environmental Group.

New York City Bed Bugs Are Losing Their Grip On The City

It could be perhaps the biggest news to hit in 2012…never mind that 2012 just began!  It looks like New York City pest control professionals may be winning the battle against the creepy blood sucking vampires that attack each night.  2010 was a bad year for NYC bed bugs.  The unwelcomed guests appeared in courthouses, office buildings, retail stores, schools, libraries, college dorms, colleges, jail houses, hospitals, taxi cabs, nursing homes, hotels, motels, single family homes, and multi-unit housing units.  Not even the intimate apparel of Victoria’s Secret was off limits to these creepy little parasites in 2010.  With the help of NYC pest control experts, city residents and business owners went on full attack of the bugs to knock their numbers down.

In New York, it only takes one bed bug being found by an inspector to be issued a violation.  According to Crain’sNewYorkBusiness.com, bed bugs finally might just be losing their stronghold on residents of New York City.  New numbers just released by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development show a decline in bed bug reports in apartment buildings throughout all of the NYC boroughs except one.  Queens is the only borough that had an increase of violations reported, up 17 violations written from last year.

Reports of bed bug violations dropped by 344 instances in 2011 in NYC.  Additionally, New York City’s 311 help line received 22% fewer calls about bed bugs from January through November 2011 than they did in 2010.  You may read the article here.

If you use NYC as a gauge as to how bed bug infestations are affecting others in the United States, this decline is great news!  New York City pest control professionals believe that NYC bed bugs are a still a huge problem, but the fact that their numbers are going down rather than up could be an indication that the extensive work that NYC pest control experts are putting forward to eradicate the bloodsuckers in the city is working.

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PRWeb Showcases Stern Environmental Groups’ Mobile Bed Bug Heat Treatment Trailer

As the war on bed bug infestations marches forward, so does new technology to battle the creatures that bite in the night.  Bed bug infestations are difficult pests to eradicate say New Jersey pest control professionals.  Because of their ability to hide in tiny cracks, crevices, under carpets, and inside walls, bed bugs have been able to survive even the best treatment offered by pest control experts.
Once an infestation is underway, bed bugs are indiscriminate about where they hide. 

Clothing, books, electronics, bedding, appliances, upholstered furniture, wood furniture, pictures, mirrors, and curtains all create the perfect nesting spots for bloodsucking bed bugs.  The challenge for NJ pest control experts is to root out and kill the bugs without harming any belongings in the process.

New York City continues to top the nation as a problem spot for bed bug infestations.  PRWeb showcased on December 8, 2011, Stern Environmental Group’s new mobile bed bug heat treatment trailer in their online magazine.  Thermal heat treatment has proven to be extremely effective at killing adult, nymphs, and bed bug eggs.

Stern Environmental Group offers their custom built, state-of-the-art trailer to both retail and residential customers who are suffering from bed bug infestations.  The innovative design of the mobile heat treatment trailer kills all stages of bed bugs through an advanced computerized monitoring system.  Once items are placed inside of the 22-foot long trailer, the baking process begins.  The exquisite seals on the trailer prevent any bed bugs from escaping and the extreme heat is able to penetrate deep into all surfaces to efficiently kill bloodsucking bed bugs and their eggs.

Retailers and residential customers will find that using our mobile bed bug heat treatment trailer for bed bug eradication on their goods and belongings is an efficient and cost saving alternative for New York and New Jersey bed bug infestations.