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EPA Weighs In on Bed Bugs – Getting Them Out and Keeping Them Out

What the EPA Wants You to Know About Bed Bugs
What the EPA Wants You to Know About Bed Bugs

The bad news; bed bugs are considered a public health pest by the Centers for Disease Control, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the United States Department of Agriculture. The good news; bed bugs are not known as transmitters of disease.

Bed Bug Basics

One reason bed bugs have increased is due to their mobility, which includes being adept at world travel. With thousands of people traveling in and out of cities around the globe, it’s no wonder the bed bug population has increased as the wily bugs stow away in luggage, carry-ons, totes, clothing and anything else that’s handy.

Bed bugs are also masters at hiding as they prefer dark and cozy places. Their small size works to their advantage as they find places to hide and wait for their buffet – served up by humans. They’re focused on finding handy hiding places that range from headboards and desk drawers to storage boxes and under mattresses.

Regular over-the-counter pesticides don’t work; only treatments applied by an experienced NJ pest control service can rid your home of pests so you can avoid red and itchy bites.

Using NJ pest control is the answer when bed bugs invade your home. Once these bloodsucking pests settle in, it takes professional techniques and equipment to get them out and keep them out. For help with eliminating bed bugs and sleeping peacefully again, call Stern Environmental for a free home inspection.

It’s True, There is An Emotional Toll of Having Bed Bugs

There is An Unseen Emotional Toll of Having Bed Bugs
There is An Unseen Emotional Toll of Having Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are not a laughing matter. An infestation can take an emotional toll due to the stigma attached to the presence of bed bugs in your home.

Emotional Effects of Bed Bugs

Research by doctors and university studies into the emotional effects of a bed bug infestation are revealing interesting results. One such result is the similarity between bed bug victims and persons experiencing PTSD. Many of the symptoms associated with PTSD are the same as the emotional and psychological effects by those experiencing a bed bug infestation.

Those dealing with bed bug effects run the gamut of negative emotions that include depression, paranoia, obsessive thoughts, sleeplessness, and hyper-vigilance.

There’s also the discomfort of red itchy bites that become welts and trying to explain why you have them to friends, family, and coworkers. Overcoming the embarrassment that goes along with an infestation is difficult for adults and children, and dealing with avoidance by those concerned they’ll “catch” bed bugs from the infected home or person.

If you are concerned about bed bugs, hiring the services of NJ & NYC bed bug exterminator professionals can put your mind at ease. With NJ & NYC bed bug exterminator technicians addressing bed bug problems, a treatment plan can be put into action to rid your home of these pests.

For answers to your questions or to schedule an inspection, call Stern Environmental Group for all your pest control needs.

Why Cryonite Works to Exterminate Bed Bugs Faster and Better

The Cryonite Machine
The Cryonite Machine

When you have a bed bug infestation, getting the best and most current treatment is at the top of your list. Cryonite is a bed bug freeze treatment that actually works, and it stands head and shoulders above chemical treatments. Today, we’d like to share with you about why it’s so effective.

How Does Cryonite Work on Bed Bugs?

It’s been a well-known fact for years that freezing bed bugs is an effective way of killing them, and their eggs. Unfortunately, the technology for this hasn’t always existed. Today we know that Cryonite serves as as excellent option. It involves spraying CO2 snow as a way to treat infected areas. The snow freezes them down to -110 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Benefits of Cryonite Bed Bug Freeze Treatment

There are many reasons to choose Cryonite over chemical methods of pest control. These include:

– The fact that this method is non-toxic. That means you, your family and even your pets will remain safe.

– The fact that this method has proven to be effective.

– The fact that it can be used anywhere in your home.

Bed bugs adapt over time, which means many of them have grown resistant to chemicals. Stern Environmental has thought of everything, which is why utilizing this proven bed bug freeze treatment should immediately set your mind at ease.

Do you have questions about our services? Contact us today to make an appointment.

California Law Aims to Quash Bed Bug Infestations

What's the New Bed Bug Law in California?
What’s the New Bed Bug Law in California?

A bed bug infestation, whether in the home, apartment, office, hotel, train, or any other location, creates an uncomfortable environment for those coming in contact with these blood-sucking pests.

New Bed Bug Law in California

In California, state lawmakers have taken a new position against the bed bugs and the responsibility landlords and tenants have in getting to the source of the problem.

Several steps must be adhered to by landlords and tenants to be considered in compliance with state-mandated bed bug legislation.

– Landlords must provide written information to tenants about bed bugs and the steps detailing how a tenant reports an existing infestation or a suspected problem.

– Landlords are not allowed to make available a vacant unit to show potential renters nor can a landlord rent a vacant unit with a known and active bed bug infestation.

– Landlords may not take any adverse action against a tenant who files a report citing a problem with bed bugs.

– If a unit is inspected by a pest control service, landlords have two days to notify tenants of the results.

– If a tenant has not filed a complaint, the landlord is not responsible for providing a pest control inspection.

– Tenants cannot refuse to cooperate with landlords providing detection and treatment services.

For information, inspections, and treatments to keep your property in compliance with bed bug legislation, contact the Stern Environmental Group.

Selling Your Home Make Sure You Know What to Say About a Bed Bug Problem

Selling Your Home, Make Sure You Know What to Say About Bed Bugs
Selling Your Home, Make Sure You Know What to Say About Bed Bugs

If you’re selling your home, you need to know what to tell people if you’ve ever had a bed bug problem. Real estate laws can be pretty vague, so the more you know, the better. With any luck, you won’t have any problem selling your house, as long as you follow a few guidelines.

Disclosing a Bed Bug Problem

You most likely will not be required to come out and say that you once had a bed bug infestation. Many buyers may not even ask you about it. However, if you are asked, it’s best to be honest. You would want to know if it were you buying a house, right?

It may turn many potential buyers off. However, there are steps you can take to ensure that your house sells quickly, even with a poor history with bed bugs.

Getting the Proper Treatment

It would benefit you to be certain your house is bed bug free. You may even want to opt for real time bed bug monitoring. This is a way that you can prove that your house no longer suffers from the presence of these pests.

At Stern Environmental, we know that the struggle with bed bugs is very real for homeowners in New Jersey and in New York. We can help you sell your house by offering the pest prevention services you need. If you’d like more information, please contact us.