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Bed Bug Prevention Tips for Hotel and Motel Owners

Bed Bug Prevention Tips
Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Hotel and motel owners have a lot to contend with when it comes to keeping rooms above board and shipshape. One area that owners must deal with quickly and efficiently is a bed bug infestation.

These tiny bugs are a major nuisance once they’ve infiltrated hotel and motel rooms. The bloodsucking pests will wreak havoc on guests who will wake up in the morning with a multitude of itchy bites and red welts. Bed bugs aren’t disease carriers but they can cause allergic reactions for some people.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Owners have a lot of remedies at their disposal to eliminate an infestation and ways to prevent an infestation in the first place. Consider these two options to send bed bugs packing.


This non-toxic, poison-free chemical treats bed bugs by using a rapid freezing method. The process uses CO2 (carbon dioxide snow) to kill bed bugs and their eggs. It works fast and effectively, which allows the affected area to be available for use immediately after a treatment.

Bite-Proof Mattress Covers

Consider placing Protect-A-Bed bite proof covers on mattresses and box springs to prevent bed bug infestations.

If you have an existing bed bug problem in your hotel or motel or suspect the possibility of the bugs, contact the NJ bed bug specialists at Stern Environmental. Call us today and be pest-free tomorrow once our NJ bed bug specialists have treated your property.

Bed Bugs Facts: Gruesome, Cool, Creepy, and Interesting

Interesting Facts About Bed Bugs
Interesting Facts About Bed Bugs

No one likes bed bugs. They are among the worst pests in the world. However, they’re actually pretty interesting. If you’d like to learn some great bed bug facts, you’re in the right place. Your NJ & NYC pest control experts here at Stern want to make sure you’re filled in.

When it Comes to Bed Bugs, Did You Know…

• Bed bugs can live for months without eating?

• Male bed bugs stab female bed bugs during insemination.

• Bed bugs are able to crawl for about 100 feet in a single night.

• Females are able to lay about 200 eggs during the course of their lives.

• Bed bugs prefer shelters that are red or black, and tend to avoid yellow and green.

• These pests are actually very shy, which is one reason they stay hidden away until you’re asleep.

• Bed bugs get full on human blood in about 10 minutes. After that, they don’t need to bite again for several days.

What More do You Need to Know About Bed Bugs?

These facts are pretty gruesome, but also quite interesting. If you have a bed bug problem, you might not be worried about facts. You just want these pests gone. Proper bed bug treatment requires NJ & NYC pest control specialists. We can certainly help you with that.

At Stern, we offer a range of bed bug services to fit your needs. Contact us to get help today!

Bed Bug Tips for Summer Travel

Stay Safe When You Travel With These Tips
Stay Safe When You Travel With These Tips

Bed bugs keep pest control professionals busy all year long, but summertime brings additional challenges.

Homeowners can accidentally bring these pests home with them after going on trips or summer vacation. To lower your risk of needing bed bug control this summer, use the following tips when you’re traveling and staying in hotel rooms.

Check Hotel Rooms Thoroughly

If you’ll be staying a hotel, don’t get settled until you’ve inspected the room thoroughly. This includes lifting the mattress to look for bed bugs, and checking the headboard for signs of these pests. If you see any, report it immediately and ask for a different room.

Keep Luggage Off the Floor

Don’t put luggage on the floor or on the bed. Instead, place it on a luggage rack inside your hotel room. These racks keep your clothes away from beds and carpets, where bed bugs can hide. This helps lower the risk of bringing bed bugs home.

Check Luggage at Home

When you get home from your trip, check your luggage for bed bugs. Throw any laundry you have into the washing machine right away. If you notice any, keep in mind that putting clothing in the dryer on a high setting helps destroy bed bugs.

If you have bed bugs in your home, Stern Environmental can help. Contact us for bed bug control, so you can protect yourself and your family from these biting pests.

Found One Bed Bug? Are There More?

Thinking woman looking up
Just One Bed Bug? Be Sure!

Let’s say you find one bed bug. Just one. Most people panic at the site of this lone pest. Surely there must be more lurking nearby, right? Actually, the answer is that it’s probably not likely. As your NJ bed bug specialists, we want you to use your due diligence when it comes to bed bugs. However, thinking rationally can help you avoid needless worry too.

What Does Finding One Bed Bug Mean?

If you only find one bed bug, it probably just means that you’ve come across a straggler or a hitchhiker. Bed bugs can easily be transported, and when they’re found in public places, it most likely means that they aren’t established yet.

Experts say that bed bugs need an adequate food source to thrive and grow in numbers. Their food, of course, is humans. However, they usually only bite when people are asleep or still for long periods of time.

What Steps Should be Taken?

There’s no way of telling about the size of an infestation until the proper measures are taken. Bed bug sniffing dogs should be brought in to check out the area. Inspections should be done by professionals to locate more bed bugs. Otherwise, you’re probably looking at a bed bug who just happened to get there by accident.

Your NJ bed bug specialists can help you remain worry free when it comes to bed bugs. Contact us today!