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NYC Bed Bug Cases Flourish and Mutations Increase

Why Are Bed Bug Reports Down?
Why Are Bed Bug Reports Down?

One of the best pieces of news that a NYC/NJ bed bug exterminator can hear is that New York City officials have reported for the first time in years that bed bug infestations are down. That means our current methods are working. In fact, the Housing Preservation and Development Department reports that they’re down by almost 50%.

While this might be great news for homeowners, business owners, and public entities, the bad news is that there are still new reports coming in, and it seems that these NYC bed bugs are not willing to give up without a fight. They’re actually mutating by growing thicker skins, and this is allowing them to withstand many of the common insecticides that are generally used to eradicate them.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there is some speculation that bed bug reports aren’t just down because the problem is getting solved, but because people are just learning to cope with the pests, and so they’re not reporting infestations. This creates a serious problem because without reporting them, bed bug infestations aren’t receiving the attention needed to get them under control.

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New York City Bed Bug Bill Amended: Is that Appropriate?

The New York City bed bug disclosure bill currently under consideration in the New York Senate has been amended. The original bill required landlords to provide disclosure of a building’s bed bug history going back five years to prospective tenants. However, this bill may not be fair to landlords since a bed bug infestation could of happened four years ago and eliminated four years ago, yet the former infestation could make prospective tenants go elsewhere.

An amendment to the bill states that an owner of the building has to provide each tenant signing a vacancy lease, a notice in a form approved by the state division of housing and community renewal that provides the property’s bed bug infestation history for the previous year regarding the premises rented by the tenant as well as the building that the premises are located in. So now they have to provide history for the entire building.

Landlords everywhere, including in New Jersey should give tenants bed bug monitors in order to get early detection of a bed bug infestation.