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NJ, NYC Bed Bugs – Important Tips

For residents dealing with NJ, NYC bed bugs and people living in the rest of the world; if you want to avoid the bed bugs in your bedroom by sleeping  in the guest room or family room the critters will probably follow you. They will now be living in more parts of your house and will become harder to get rid of. It’s best to have  NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professionals immediately exterminate the critters. Until they are completely gone you can place some sticky tape around the bed and place double sided tape on the bed posts to trap the critters and use a mattress encasement.

Don’t use sprays, or bug foggers since the types you find at the stores won’t kill bed bugs but just cause them to spread out and look for new hiding places.

If you think you can avoid having your residence treated for bed bugs by temporarily staying at a friends house until the insects starve to death, that is probably not going to happen. They go into hibernation and they can live for about a year or more and have  a welcome home party when you return. Also you may loose your friendship by transporting bed bugs to your friends house. Call a professional.

NJ, NYC Bed Bugs – Do They Affect Everyone?

NJ and NYC bed bugs seem to affect people of all ages and income levels, which is the case all over the country. However, some experts predict that unless the Federal government comes to the rescue of its citizens that the low income people will suffer more from bed bugs.

The critters love the blood of the rich and poor and even the blood of rude people but wealthy and middle income people have the money to hire NJ and NYC bed bugs pest control experts. The low income families living in single unit houses often cannot afford the expense of bed bug eradication and have to adjust to having hundreds of annoying new roommates and hope they go away; perhaps by attaching themselves to a visiting wealthy person (perhaps not).

 For apartment renters, the building owners are obligated to get rid of pest problems but often they pass the cost to the apartment residents, thus low income renters often don’t mention bed bugs infestations to management.

One bed bug expert has stated that over the last three years the number of bed bug cases for lower income families has dramatically increased and it might end up being more of a lower income family issue in the future.