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There is Legal Recourse When Pests Make Your Hotel Stay Miserable

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There is Legal Recourse for You to Consider.

Whether you stay in a hotel for business or vacation, one of the worst possible experiences is finding bed bugs in your room. If you end up being bitten by these pests or having to get rid of belongings due to an infestation, what kind of legal help can you expect?

Pending Case in Atlantic City

It’s not unheard of for people to seek legal recourse for a bed bug encounter at a hotel. In fact, a case that is currently pending in court involves a resort in Atlantic City. A guest is suing the resort after she and a friend were bitten by bed bugs during their stay. The plaintiff is accusing the resort of failing to take the necessary steps to prevent bed bug infestations, such as training employees on detecting and reporting them, which caused her physical and emotional distress.

Bed Bug Tips

If you discover bed bugs in your hotel room, our NYC bed bug specialists want you to know that it’s important to report them right away and ask for a different room. Keep in mind that you should thoroughly check your suitcases and other belongings before leaving to make sure you don’t bring bed bugs home.

If you need help from NYC bed bug specialists, give Stern Environmental Group a call. We provide safe and reliable bed bug services in the NYC area.

Bed Bugs are the Fastest-Growing Pest Problem in New York and New Jersey

Bed Bug Infestations Growing Rapidly

Bed bugs are becoming one of the worst pest issues to deal with in New York and New Jersey. These tiny insects can cause large infestations that are very difficult to eliminate. If you own property in NY or NJ, it’s important to know as much about these pests as possible. Here are some facts about bed bugs that you might not be aware of.

Large colonies
Bed bugs can form colonies that number in the thousands. Since these pests can be hard to spot and are able to squeeze into the tiniest of spaces, it’s crucial to have an NY or NJ bed bug specialist deal with infestations.

Preference for human blood
Bed bugs can feed on the blood of other insects and mammals if they want. However, they prefer feeding on human blood. This is why they have become such as nuisance for many NY and NJ residents.

Cool environments
Bed bugs like to live in cooler environments, including bedrooms. They don’t do well in warmer environments. In fact, temperatures greater than 115 degrees Fahrenheit are hot enough to kill them.

If you have a pest problem and need a NJ bed bug specialist, we can help. Contact Stern Environmental Group to learn more about our bed bug treatments. We offer safe and effective pest control for bed bugs in NY and NJ.

NYC Hotels May Be Required to Have Bi-Annual Bed Bug Inspections

Mandatory Bed Bug Inspections For NYC Hotels

It was recently discovered that bed bug sightings in New York City hotels were up 44% between 2014 and 2015. Many of the sightings have been at some of the city’s largest, most upscale hotels. Fortunately, that discovery got the attention of several officials in the city council, and a new bill was introduced that proposes bed bug inspections by qualified personnel at all hotels every six months.

In addition, another bill is being introduced that will require the city to publish reports detailing bed bug metrics, including:

• The total number of bed bug complaints

• Bed bug violations in apartment buildings

• The amount of time infestations took to resolve

Under this bill, a map will be required to be published every three months that specifies the locations of bed bug complaints and their current status. In this way, the city will be able to keep tabs on problem areas and trends.

These bills are monumental, and they’re sure to create a significant amount of change for the people of New York City who are tired and frustrated over the bed bug problem that has been plaguing the city for the last several years.

Calling a NYC bed bug specialist is your best plan of action if you have a bed bug problem. Please contact us, your local NYC bed bug specialist, if you suspect an infestation. We’ll help you resolve it immediately.

Libraries Fight Growing Number of Bed Bug Infestations

Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs Are Taking Over Libraries

Bed bugs are a growing problem in many different businesses in the NYC area. These pests can be found in hotels, movie theaters, schools, offices, subway cars, hospitals and almost any other public place. Our NYC bed bug specialists want you to know just how widespread this problem is becoming in our area and throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Library Pests

A public library system in Ontario was recently forced to close 14 branches due to bed bugs. The Essex County Library System in the southwestern part of the province made the decision to shut down all branches as a proactive step when bed bugs were found in the Learnington branch library. After inspections were conducted at other branches, two more libraries were found to have these pests as well.

As a result, all branch libraries will remain closed until these bed bug infestations are eradicated. In the meantime, the library system doesn’t want members bringing borrowed books and other materials back yet.

This incident shows just how much of a disruption bed bugs can be. Business owners in the NYC area should be on the lookout for these tiny reddish-brown pests and call for professional help at the first sign of trouble.

If you have a bed bug problem in your business, contact our NYC bed bug specialists right away. At Stern Environmental, we can also take steps to prevent infestations in your business.

Scientists ID Genetic Differences of NYC Bed Bugs by Location

Not All Bed Bugs are the Same
Not All Bed Bugs are the Same

While New York city subways are a mainstay of transportation for residents, people coming to and going from work, and tourists, it’s also a major mode of transport for bed bugs. Yes, these tiny bloodsucking pests are adept at being mobile and the subway has provided the perfect opportunity.

Bed bugs are clingers meaning they move easily from place to place on people’s clothes, shoes, handbags, and any other item they can latch on to. With an estimated 6 million travelers on the subway system moving along multiple routes daily, it’s no wonder bed bugs are infesting areas from north to south.

Better NYC bed bug control is necessary in order to create better insecticides. With this goal in mind, scientists researching the tiny bugs found DNA dispersed throughout the NYC subway system.

Using 1,400 DNA swabs from around the city, researchers determined how the bed bugs evolved and infiltrated so many locations. Swabs were taken not only of the subway cars, but ticket kiosks and turnstiles where people interacted and bed bugs could hop on and continue their journey to multiple destinations.

NYC bed bug control is better left to the experts who have the experience, techniques, services and products to get your property bed bug free. If you think your property has a bed bug problem, contact our staff at Stern Environmental Group where NYC bed bug control starts and stops.