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NYC Hotel Association Reports 65% of Members Report Bed Bug Incidents

Guests are Reporting Bed Bugs in More Hotels
Guests are Reporting Bed Bugs in More Hotels

There is still a misconception about bedbugs and where they’re most likely to be found. For some, not all, there is the thought that bedbugs only inhabit unclean places or people. This is not the case as noted by some of the top ranking hotels in New York City.

Bedbugs are opportunists with no boundaries when it comes to infiltrating a home or business. They don’t care if it’s a 5-star hotel, upscale restaurant, limo, or a conference room on Wall Street.

The fact is, they’ll hop aboard any mode of transportation, which includes people, and hop off at wherever that person’s destination may be. For people traveling, bedbugs can be in coach as well as the first class section.

The bloodsucking pests are on the lookout for dry, snug, and safe places, which includes suitcases. This is one reason bedbugs are found in hotels around the world, not just the swankiest New York City accommodations.

While bedbug bites create a red and extremely itchy bite, they are not known to carry disease but may cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Getting rid of the pests requires the expert help and services of NYC bed bug control technicians. If your home or business is experiencing a bed bug infestation, contact us at Stern Environmental Group. We have the NYC bed bug control specialists who know how to take the bite out of your problem.

44% Increase of Bed Bug Complaints Plague NYC Reputation

NYC's Bed Bug Problem
NYC’s Bed Bug Problem

New York City has a problem and it comes in the shape of a tiny bug that likes to bite and create itching red welts, and in some cases, allergic reactions.

The infamous multi-legged pest is the notorious bed bug known as a worldwide traveler and lover of hotels, motels, planes, trains, automobiles and anything else they can infiltrate.

In New York City, hotels are being hit hard with a 44 percent increase with infestations and this includes some 5-star accommodations.

Bed bugs do not play favorites. They don’t care how expensive or inexpensive a place may be. If it has cozy hiding places and a buffet of people to dine on, they’ll settle in for an extended period.

Hotels aren’t alone in the quest to fight bed bugs. They’re found in schools, churches, restaurants, and tucked away in homes and businesses.

While bed bugs aren’t known as disease carriers, their feeding habit of dining on human blood makes for an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

When bed bugs are on the rampage, you’ll want to implement the best NYC bed bug control possible. At Stern Environmental Group, eradicating bed bugs is just one of the services we provide using the latest options.

Before the blood sucking pests take over your home, contact us at Stern Environmental Group. Our experienced NYC bed bug control specialists will have the pests packed and out the door in no time.

Report Shows Bed Bugs Are Spreading to Smaller Towns

Fewer news reports of bed bug infestations have lulled many people into believing that America is winning the bed bug battle. However, a new survey by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) indicates that not only do bed bugs still have the upper hand; but they are expanding the battlefield into small towns and rural areas.

Conducted by the NPMA and University of Kentucky, the 2013 Bed Bug Survey of U.S. pest control professionals found that nearly all had treated bed bug infestations in the past year with 72% indicating an increase in bed bug activity in their region. Nearly all pest control firms surveyed had treated residential bed bug infestations in single-family homes, apartments and/or condominiums.

Commercial facilities with a high incidence of bed bug infestations included:

  • 79% hotels and motels
  • 47% college dorms
  • 47% shelters
  • 46% nursing homes
  • 41% school and day care centers
  • 36% office buildings
  • 33% hospitals
  • 25% doctor offices and outpatient clinics
  • 21% transportation services (trains, buses, taxis)
  • 15% retail stores
  • 12% libraries
  • 10% movie theaters

Consumers need to maintain their vigilance and watch for signs of bed bugs, especially now with schools starting and students returning to college campuses. Call Stern Environmental for bed bug information and expert bed bug extermination in New York City and northern New Jersey.

NYC Drops As #1 Ranked Bedbug City In America!

For most cities, being ranked #1 is a good thing.  One of the lists that you definitely do not want to make the “Top 15” of, let alone the number #1 spot is Terminix’s Top 15 Most Bed Bug Infested Cities in the US list.  That is one dubious title that city leaders from coast to coast want to avoid.

Due to the massive upswing in bed bug activity over the past 10 years that has plagued American citizens, Terminix began to keep track of the nation’s bed bug hotspots.  The news of which cities have made their list each year has been both disturbing and helpful.

It is no secret that the majority of the world has considered New York City as the epicenter of the bed bug activity in the United States claim NYC pest control experts.  Through extensive work, regulations, education, an online portal with incredible information, and help from experienced NYC pest control professionals; it appears that the tides are turning on NYC bed bugs.

According to InvestorPlace on June 11, 2012, NYC is no longer listed as the #1 metropolitan area with the largest amount of bed bugs.  Dropping to the #3 position on the list shows that the problems with NYC bed bugs still exist, but they are significantly improving.  This news does fall in line with the reports that complaints about bed bugs to the NY Department of Housing, Preservation and Development dropped significantly this past fiscal year.

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HUD’s New Guidelines For Public Housing Authorities In the USA Part 1 Of 2

Any confusion as to who is responsible for a bed bug infestation within any public housing facility may now be put to rest.  The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has created new bed bug protocol that will protect the tenant and the landlord that will go into effect immediately.

It has been recommended that Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plans be implemented to help control bed bugs as well as other types of household pests and HUD is strongly encouraging Pubic Housing Agencies (PHAs) to incorporate a good IPM plan.  According to HUD, the procedures include:

“Raising awareness through education on the prevention of bed bugs.

Inspecting infested area, plus surrounding living spaces.

Checking for bed bugs in luggage and clothes when returning home from a trip.

Looking for bed bugs or signs of an infestation on secondhand items before bringing the items home.

Correctly identifying the pest. Keeping records indicating dates and locations where pests are found.

Cleaning all items within a bed bug infested living area.

Reducing clutter where bed bugs can hide.

Eliminating bed bug habitats.

Physically removing bed bugs through cleaning.

Using pesticides carefully according to the label directions.

Following up on inspections and possible treatments.”

In the new guidelines, PHA must respond to complaints of bed bugs within 24 hours and discuss what measures will be taken to get rid of the pests with tenants.  Inspection of the unit in question, as well as the units above, below, and on the sides must also be performed within three business days.  If bed bugs are not found, re-inspection must be completed periodically over the next several months.

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