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Should NYC Residents Sue for Bed Bug Apartments?

A former tenant of a rooming house in Nashua N.H. has filed a lawsuit claiming she is suffering serious, painful permanent injuries caused by bed bug bites as well as a loss of enjoyment of life.

If loss of enjoyment of life due to bed bug bites can bring in some cash from lawsuits what about all the tenants in New York City and other places who have complained about cockroaches and loud annoying neighbors and unwanted aromas and the building owners failed to make the situations better.

The plaintiff in the Nashua case could have possibly brought the bed bugs to her unit from let’s say a friend’s apartment. Is it absolutely clear that she morally has the right to sue the building owner for pain and suffering?

Yes, multi-occupant building owners are typically required to fix pest problems but I wonder if it’s fair to place all the blame on the landlord when he is probably not entering apartments and sprinkling the units with a bag of bed bugs.

Perhaps landlords in New York City will have to have a bed bug tax placed on each unit to cover the cost of future lawsuits or perhaps buy bed bug insurance. It’s a difficult situation for tenants and building owners. 

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NYC Bed Bug Emergencies

Sure most people would think heart attacks and being attacked by a wolverine could easily be regarded as emergencies but the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development consider NYC bed bugs complaints to be emergencies which places the complaints near the top of the list. 

Most of the time, NYC bed bugs complaints are regarded as  Class B violations which provides the owner 30 days to fix the problem. However electricity outages or no hot water are Class C violations and need to be fixed in 24 hours. I’m wondering how many New Yorkers think running out of hot water is a bigger emergency than being bitten by bed bugs on a nightly basis.

NYC also has the 311 for calling in bed bug complaints. Apparently numerous New Yorkers have been calling in with skin rashes that have nothing to do with bed bugs. 

Another big New York City bed bug problem is due to some people living in apartments that don’t have a reaction to bed bug bites and so they don’t realize they have bed bugs and they don’t report them. This gives the critters plenty of time to spread to other apartments.

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Free NYC Bed Bug Furniture!

Have you been shopping in New York City for attractive bed bug infested furniture? If you have, a woman placed an ad in the New York Craigslist for free furniture with the warning “the home these items came from has bed bugs.” She does go on to comfort the reader by stating that some of the furniture was situated in rooms where she did not see any bed bugs. If the furniture pieces were rare antiques from George Washington’s home or even from the Renaissance period I might take a chance but she was offering straight backed chairs, office chairs, a futon and a variety of tables.

I’m glad she was honest but who would be so daring as to place her furniture in their home. Bed bug infested furniture is typically frowned upon and sometimes frightens people.  

Bed bugs are very tiny, especially the young critters and they are experts at hiding. Can she really be confident that just because she did not see bed bugs in a certain room the furniture was not infested. I think not.

It’s probably not  a good idea to buy used furniture in a city known for bed bugs.

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