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Cockroach Control is All About Sanitation

Cockroach Control Focuses on Proper Sanitation.
Cockroach Control Focuses on Proper Sanitation.

When thinking about things that are as American as apple pie, the last thing that comes to mind is cockroaches. Unfortunately, these ancient insects have been around for over 300 million years, which makes sense that they are one of the most common bugs around.

About Cockroaches

One thing about cockroaches that makes them stand out from the crowd is their adaptability. This has earned them the distinction of being extremely successful when it comes to changes in their environment.

Worldwide, there are over 3,000 cockroach species with over 50 percent making their home in the U.S. Some of the most prevalent seen in this country include the American, Oriental, German, and brown-banded species.

When it comes to size, the American species is the largest at 1-1/2 inches long. These winged insects are reddish brown with yellow edges at the thorax.

Behavior and Longevity

To find cockroaches lurking indoors or outdoors, there are several places to look. Cockroaches like areas that are dark and warm with an element of moisture. Prime places include floor drains, around bathtubs, inside clothes hampers, sewers, and basements.

American cockroaches are sturdy with the ability to survive without food from two to three months. They do require water monthly. Some of their menu items include leather, beer, and bookbindings.

NYC & NJ cockroach exterminators are experts at insect treatment. For an inspection by NYC & NJ cockroach exterminators, contact Stern Environmental Group.

What NYC and NJ Need to Know About the Oriental Cockroach

What NYC and NJ Need to Know About the Oriental Cockroach
What NYC and NJ Need to Know About the Oriental Cockroach

There are approximately 3,500 different species of cockroaches worldwide. Of these, about 55 are currently found in the United States. New York and New Jersey residents typically have to contend with German and American cockroaches. Another, Oriental cockroaches (Blatta Orientalis Linnaeus), are a problem and tougher to eliminate. They move slower than other species of cockroaches because they can’t fly. However, they’re highly resilient and very elusive. To identify and properly treat them, you need a thorough inspection by professional NJ & NYC exterminators.

The life of Oriental cockroaches

These roaches are often referred to as water bugs because they prefer dark, damp areas like crawl spaces and basements. During the warmer months, they’re most often found outside. During periods of drought, they move indoors in search of humidity. They will travel through sewer lines and carry the filth with them everywhere they go. Adult Oriental cockroaches reach about one inch in length and can live up to one and a half years. The males have wings but are apparently unable to fly. Females have small wing pads and wider, heavier bodies. Females will usually produce about 200 offspring during their life.

Oriental cockroaches are known to transmit forms of gastroenteritis-like food poisoning, diarrhea, dysentery, and other diseases. The NJ & NYC exterminators at Stern Environmental have the knowledge and equipment to protect your home or business. Call us for a thorough professional inspection and treatment plan.

Top NYC Pests that You Are Sure to See This Winter

Top NYC Pests that You Are Sure to See This Winter
Top NYC Pests that You Are Sure to See This Winter

Although pests might seem to be more active in summer, they also keep NYC pest control experts busy during winter. Some types of pests are more commonly found inside buildings when the weather gets colder. Here are some of the pests you can expect to see this winter.


Mice like to make their homes inside walls and other parts of building interiors in order to stay warm and have easy access to food and water. These rodent pests can get into food supplies and even spread germs that could make building occupants sick. It’s important to take steps to get rid of mice and prevent them from coming back.

German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are one of the most common pests in the NYC area. Unlike some other types of bugs, cockroaches don’t spend the winter months hibernating. This means you might see them inside your building throughout the season. These pests can spread disease and cause other health issues.


Silverfish are thin insects that like to feed on books, clothes and other items. They don’t make people sick, but they can destroy property. It’s crucial to have silverfish infestations dealt with promptly to prevent property damage.

If you end up with a pest problem in your building this winter, our NYC pest control professionals are here to help. Contact Stern Environmental to learn more about our services.

Cockroach Milk: the New Edible Protein Craze

Cockroach Milk.. New Health Food  Craze?
Cockroach Milk.. New Health Food Craze?

When you have a cockroach infestation, it makes sense to contact a NYC cockroach specialist, right? After all, how else are you supposed to rid your home of these pests. However, it turns out that cockroaches might not be as bad as we once thought; at least in other parts of the world.

A cockroach farm in China produces millions of these pests every year, and a recent CNN article indicates that the Pacific Beetle Cockroach might actually have more to offer than just headaches. This is the only species of cockroach that is said to produce milk for its babies, but it’s not milk in the conventional sense.

The Pacific Beetle Cockroach is the only species of cockroach that doesn’t lay eggs. Instead, it carries its babies in its brood sac, which is similar to a uterus. The brood sac produces a liquid that nourishes the baby cockroaches and it becomes a crystalized substance when they ingest it.

While it might sound strange, this milky substance has been found to have as much as four times the amount of protein as cow’s milk. Researchers are considering whether or not a synthetic approach might lead to better protein supplements in years to come.

Of course, you don’t care about any lactating cockroaches that you might find in your home. Instead, contact us, your NYC cockroach specialist if you’d like professional help getting rid of them.

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Brown Banded Cockroach

Call Stern Environmental for Cockroach Control!
Call Stern Environmental for Cockroach Control!

No one wants bugs in their home or business, especially cockroaches that are known carriers of disease. One familiar cockroach that may be encroaching on your territory is the brown-banded cockroach.

Brown-banded Statistics

Brown-banded cockroaches have a couple of distinguishing characteristics that can help you recognize these pesky pests.

• The cockroaches have dark brown bodies with two pronounced lighter bands running across the top of their bodies.

• The male roaches have a full set of wings that extend beyond the front of their bodies. Their wings allow them to fly wherever their flight plan takes them.

• Females do not have the luxury of aerial escapades. Their wings are undeveloped and more of a cosmetic feature.

• Both male and female brown-banded cockroaches have an approximate lifespan of 206 days.

• The brown-banded cockroach can carry an estimated 33 types of bacteria, six types of worms, and seven additional pathogens unhealthy to humans. For this characteristic alone, consult with a NYC pest control company to remove them from your property.

Brown-banded Habits

This species of cockroach is found throughout the U.S. They prefer warm and dry locations in higher locations such as cabinets. They also hide their egg cases in out-of-the-way places such as under sofas, chairs, nightstands, and beds.

For all of your creepy crawly pest problems, contact Stern Environmental. Our NYC pest control technicians have the expertise and techniques to prevent unwanted guests in your home.